Identical definition

Identical means in this context:
Identical as used in this article refers to identical current position description.
Identical means having nominally identical

Examples of Identical in a sentence

Identical coverage shall be required to be provided by all subcontractors, if any.

Final increase: Identical to the Administration request (P.L. 107-314).2002.

Identical particles: Permutation operators; symmmetrization postulate; exchange terms; Pauli exclusion principle6.

If the scoring results in a tied score, prior to submission to the Director of Purchasing and Auxiliary Services for approval, the Selection Committee Chairman shall refer to Identical Tie Qualifications Form (Exhibit C).

Identical cross sections with different load and moment resistances can be produced by varying steel thickness, the concrete strength and reinforcement.

More Definitions of Identical

Identical means systems, components, separate technical units and parts having identical geometric and mechanical characteristics and the materials used for the components of the vehicles;
Identical means, in relation to the replacement of equipment or control apparatus, that the equipment or control apparatus is of the same type and size as the equipment or control apparatus being replaced, and is used in the same process, with the same materials.
Identical as used in this Chapter 3.0 shall mean substantially the same or indistinguishable as a whole. The changing, rearranging or altering of an elevation or model in minor facets shall not make an identical or substantially similar elevation or model dissimilar, distinguishable, or different.
Identical means ** of the ** material made at the ** scale, to confirm that it is the same as the ** in the ** based on (i) ** and ** (assay vs standard, ** by area **), (ii) moisture by **, (iii) **, (iv) **, (v) ** and ** — no significant unknown **, consistent with proposed structure, (vi) solid form comparison via ** (if drug would require a **), and (viii) any potentially ** (as assessed in silico) species (based on observed and **) must not be greater than the **.
Identical means that the tire pressure is the same after a pressure measurement with a gauge that measures to one-tenth (0.1) kPa accuracy and rounded to the nearest whole kPa, for at least the final two pressure measurements.
Identical here means that all incumbents share the same function that guides their probability of winning P and have the same campaign spending. Identical challengers resemble themselves in the same fashion. If all challengers are alike in this sense, and all incumbents are alike then the expected change in the Republican
Identical идентичный, подобный, похожий;