Definition of New Warrant Agreement

New Warrant Agreement means the New Warrant Agreement governing the New Warrants to be entered into between Reorganized Stone and the New Warrant Agent on the Effective Date, substantially in the form Filed with the Plan Supplement, which New Warrant Agreement shall provide that the New Warrants have an exercise price equal to a total equity value of the Reorganized Debtors that implies a 100% recovery of outstanding principal to Noteholders plus accrued interest through the Effective Date less the face amount of the New Secured Notes and the Prepetition Notes Cash, may be exercised any time prior to the fourth anniversary of the Effective Date, shall contain customary arithmetic anti-dilution protections (against stock splits, stock dividends and similar events) and shall have such other terms that are acceptable to the Required Consenting Noteholders in their sole discretion.

Examples of New Warrant Agreement in a sentence

On the Effective Date, Reorganized Broadview shall issue New Warrants pursuant to the New Warrant Agreement to the holders of Existing Preferred Interests, in accordance with Sections 5.2 and 7.1 of the Plan, which New Warrants shall conform to the terms set forth in the Plan Term Sheet.
In addition, as of the Effective Date, Reorganized Broadview shall authorize such shares of New Common Stock as may be required for the Management Equity Plan and the New Warrant Agreement, in accordance with Sections 5.2, 6.3 and 7.5 of the Plan.
If the Warrants are made subject to the Warrant Agreement and a New Warrant Agreement is not entered into, then to the extent practicable, the Warrants will be deemed Private Placement Warrants under the Warrant Agreement, and the Warrant Agreement may be amended as of the Closing Date as required to effect the same.
In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between any terms, definitions or conditions of this Agreement and the terms, definitions or conditions of any other agreement (other than the New Warrant Agreement), the terms, definitions and conditions of this Agreement shall govern and control, except to the extent otherwise provided in the New Warrant Agreement, in which case, the terms of the New Warrant Agreement shall govern and control.
The New Warrants shall have the following provisions, and such other provisions as are set forth in the New Warrant Agreement.