ICSDs definition

ICSDs means Clearstream, Luxembourg and Euroclear;
ICSDs means, together, Clearstream and Euroclear.

More Definitions of ICSDs

ICSDs means Clearstream and/or Euroclear, as the case may be and/or any additional or alternative clearing system approved by Parent, the Company, the Trustee and the Paying Agent (provided that such additional or alternative clearing system must also be authorized to hold a Global Note as eligible collateral for Eurosystem monetary policy and intra-day credit operations) collectively.
ICSDs means Clearstream; Luxembourg and Euroclear;
ICSDs means Euroclear and Clearsteam, Luxembourg;
ICSDs means Clearstream and Euroclear;
ICSDs means Clearstream Banking S.A. and Euroclear Bank SA/NV;