Hybrid Entity definition

Hybrid Entity means a single legal entity that is a covered entity and whose business activities include both covered and non-covered functions, and that designates health care components in accordance with 45 C.F.R. § 164.105(a)(2)(iii)(C). A Hybrid Entity is required to designate as a health care component, any other components of the entity that provide services to the covered functions for the purpose of facilitating the sharing of Protected Health Information with such functions of the hybrid entity without business associate agreements or individual authorizations. The District of Columbia is a Hybrid Covered Entity. Hybrid Entities are required to designate and include functions, services and activities within its own organization, which would meet the definition of Business Associate and irrespective of whether performed by employees of the Hybrid Entity, as part of its health care components for compliance with the Security Rule and privacy requirements under this Clause.
Hybrid Entity means a single legal entity that is a Covered Entity whose business activities include both covered functions and non-covered functions and that designates Health Care Components (in accordance with 45 CFR Section 164.105(a)(2)(iii)(D)) for purposes of fulfilling the Hybrid Entity requirements of HIPAA, as defined in 45 CFR Section 164.103. For purposes of this definition, “covered functions” means those functions performed by a Covered Entity that make the entity a Health Plan, Health Care Provider, or Health Care Clearinghouse. The Plan is a Hybrid Entity.
Hybrid Entity means any entity or arrangement that is regarded as a taxable entity under the laws of one jurisdiction and whose income or expenditure is treated as income or expenditure of one or more other persons under the laws of another jurisdiction;

Examples of Hybrid Entity in a sentence

  • The person designated by the District of Columbia, a Hybrid Entity, who is responsible for developing, maintaining, implementing and enforcing the District-wide Privacy Policies and Procedures, and for overseeing full compliance with this Manual, the Privacy Rules, and other applicable federal and state privacy law.

More Definitions of Hybrid Entity

Hybrid Entity means an entity that is not taxable as an association for Federal tax purposes, but is subject to an income tax of a foreign country as a corporation (or otherwise at the entity level) either on its worldwide income or on a residence basis.
Hybrid Entity means hybrid entity as that term is defined by the HIPAA privacy rule.
Hybrid Entity means a single legal entity:
Hybrid Entity means an appraisal management company that
Hybrid Entity shall have the same meaning as the term “hybrid entity” in 45 CFR § 160.103.
Hybrid Entity means a single legal entity that is a Covered Entity and whose Covered Functions are not its primary functions.
Hybrid Entity means an entity whose business activities include covered and non-covered functions, and that has designated specific departments, divisions or programs as Designated Health Care Components.