Consolidated Entity definition

Consolidated Entity means at any date any Subsidiary, and any other entity the accounts of which would be combined or consolidated with those of the Borrower in its combined or consolidated financial statements if such statements were prepared as of such date.
Consolidated Entity means the Parent Borrower or any Subsidiary whose accounts are or are required to be consolidated or included with the accounts of the Parent Borrower in accordance with GAAP.
Consolidated Entity means, collectively, (i) Borrower and (ii) any other Person the accounts of which are consolidated with those of the REIT in the consolidated financial statements of the REIT in accordance with GAAP.

Examples of Consolidated Entity in a sentence

  • All properties included in the Consolidated Entity will pay an annual ad valorem tax based on property assessment.

  • All assets of the CFWD and the ARWD will become assets of the Consolidated Entity.

  • Any existing debt of each water district will become the debt of the Consolidated Entity.

  • Local Laws, Ordinances, Resolutions and Orders affecting the Consolidated Entity would continue to be administered and enforced by the Town of Canandaigua Water Superintendent and/or the Town’s Code Enforcement Officer.

  • The Town Code regarding water districts and New York State Law regarding water districts will be applied against the Consolidated Entity as a single Town of Canandaigua Water District (which will be comprised wholly of the existing CFWD and the former ARWD).

More Definitions of Consolidated Entity

Consolidated Entity means the new entity that results from the consolidation of two or more constituent entities;
Consolidated Entity means any Person whose financial statements are appropriately consolidated with the Borrower's financial statements under GAAP.
Consolidated Entity means, with respect to any Person, (a) any Subsidiary of such Person and (b) any Person consolidated in the financial statements of such Person in accordance with GAAP.
Consolidated Entity means MTLM and each of its consolidated Subsidiaries and shall include in any event each Borrower.
Consolidated Entity means any corporation or other entity which owns at least 50% of the voting or control rights or interest or other ownership interest in either Borrower directly or indirectly in any manner, or in which at least 50% of the voting stock or other ownership interest in such corporation or other entity is owned by either Borrower directly or indirectly in any manner. If Borrowers have no Consolidated Entities, the provisions of this Agreement relating to Consolidated Entities shall be inapplicable without affecting the applicability of such provisions to Borrowers alone.
Consolidated Entity means a Person, other than a Subsidiary of the Parent, whose financial statements or financial statement items are subject to Consolidation with those of the Parent under GAAP.
Consolidated Entity has the meaning specified in the definition ofConsolidating Merger.”