JV Subsidiary definition

JV Subsidiary any Subsidiary of a Group Member which is not a Wholly Owned Subsidiary and as to which the business and management thereof is jointly controlled by the holders of the Capital Stock therein pursuant to customary joint venture arrangements.
JV Subsidiary means each Restricted Subsidiary of the Borrower (a) that directly holds an Equity Interest in any Joint Venture and (b) that has no other material assets.
JV Subsidiary means a partially owned Subsidiary in which the Borrower or any Subsidiary has contributed assets or otherwise made an investment in (including of cash) with a fair market value (determined on the date of such contribution or investment, as the case may be) of $250,000 or less in the aggregate; provided, that the aggregate fair market value (determined on the date of such contribution or investment, as the case may be) of all assets contributed, indebtedness assumed or investments made by the Borrower or Subsidiaries in all JV Subsidiaries shall not exceed in the aggregate $2,000,000.

Examples of JV Subsidiary in a sentence

  • However, the same arbitrators, as mem- bers of panels with a secretive deliberation process, can effectively “hide” behind the group and worry less about the reputational consequences of their extreme opinions.

  • This summary does not purport to be complete and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the provisions of the Indenture, the Notes, the guarantees provided by the Subsidiary Guarantors, and the JV Subsidiary Guarantors, if any.

  • If any JV Subsidiary Guarantor is established, the Capital Stock of such JV Subsidiary Guarantor owned by the Company or any Subsidiary Guarantor will be pledged to secure the obligations of the Company under the Notes and the Indenture, and of such Subsidiary Guarantor under its Subsidiary Guarantee, as the case may be, in the manner described above.

  • The Company may also deliver a JV Subsidiary Guarantee instead of a Subsidiary Guarantee on substantially similar conditions for certain Restricted Subsidiaries that are established after the Original Issue Date.

  • Approval in principle from, admission to the Official List of, and listing and quotation of the Notes on, the SGX-ST are not to be taken as an indication of the merits of the offering, the Company, the Subsidiary Guarantors, the JV Subsidiary Guarantors (if any) or any of their respective associated companies (if any), the Notes, the Subsidiary Guarantees or the JV Subsidiary Guarantees (if any).

More Definitions of JV Subsidiary

JV Subsidiary means any subsidiary of the European J.V.
JV Subsidiary means any means a corporation, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company or other business entity which is wholly-owned by RL Venture Holding.
JV Subsidiary means a Subsidiary of a Loan Party formed to engage in a joint venture.
JV Subsidiary means any entity in which Borrower owns, directly and indirectly, less than 100% of the equity interests, excluding any investment in the securities of any publicly traded company constituting less than 5% of the outstanding class of such securities.
JV Subsidiary means any of the foregoing, as the context may require.
JV Subsidiary means any Subsidiary of a Loan Party that is not a wholly owned Subsidiary and as to which the business and management thereof is determined by the holders of the Equity Interests therein pursuant to customary joint venture arrangements and that does not at any time have any rights under any Material Contract in existence on the Closing Date (including any renewal, extension, replacement or modification thereof); provided, that if any JV Subsidiary becomes a Subsidiary Guarantor pursuant to the terms hereof and otherwise complies with the requirements of Section 6.11, such JV Subsidiary shall no longer be deemed to be a “JV Subsidiary” for purposes of this Agreement.
JV Subsidiary means Belcourt Saxon Coal, L.P., a British Columbia Limited Partnership.