HRB Bank definition

HRB Bank has the meaning set forth in the opening paragraph. Following consummation of the Affiliate Merger, references to HRB Bank in this Agreement shall be deemed to refer to Block Financial, as successor to HRB Bank via merger.
HRB Bank has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
HRB Bank s Knowledge ” means the actual and imputed knowledge of Jeffrey Brown, Greg Macfarlane, Greg Quarles, Alana

Examples of HRB Bank in a sentence

  • There are no Liens for Taxes (other than Taxes not yet due and payable) upon any of the assets of HRB Bank.

  • Other than the Member Interests in EFS and Mortgage Holdings, HRB Bank has no equity interest, direct or indirect, in any other corporation or in any partnership, joint venture or other business enterprise or entity.

  • Neither HRB Bank nor Block Financial has any material Liability that is not reflected in or disclosed in the HRB Financial Statements.

  • Interest and service charge calculations will be processed on behalf of HRB Bank on such customer statements as of the close of business on the Closing Date.

  • Since the date of this Agreement, there has been no Material Adverse Change with respect to HRB Bank or Block Financial.

  • HRB Bank has no trust accounts, trust assets or any other accounts or relationships of a fiduciary nature.

  • HRB Bank has not received notice from any Governmental Entity indicating that it would oppose or not grant or issue its Consent, if required, with respect to the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • No representation or warranty by HRB Bank or Block Financial in this Agreement, nor any statement, certificate, schedule or exhibit hereto furnished or to be furnished by or on behalf of HRB Bank or Block Financial pursuant to this Agreement or in connection with transactions contemplated hereby, contains or will contain any untrue statement of material fact or omits or will omit a material fact necessary to make the statements contained therein not misleading.

  • Except as otherwise expressly contemplated under this Agreement or disclosed in Schedule 6.01, between the date of this Agreement and the Closing, HRB Bank will conduct its business only in the ordinary course of business consistent with past custom and practice with respect to the Transferred Assets and Assumed Liabilities, and shall incur no Assumed Liabilities other than in the ordinary course of business consistent with past custom and practice.

  • All Taxes due and owing by HRB Bank (whether or not shown on any Tax Return) have been paid.

More Definitions of HRB Bank

HRB Bank s Knowledge” means the actual and imputed knowledge of Jeffrey Brown, Greg Macfarlane, Susan Ehrlich, Greg Quarles, Alana Neale, Jim Koger and Walter Pirnot.

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  • State bank means any bank incorporated pursuant to the provisions of this chapter after January 1, 1970, and any “state bank” incorporated pursuant to the laws of this state and doing business as such on January 1, 1970, or a bank organized as a limited liability company or a mutual corporation under this chapter.

  • Member bank means a national bank, state bank, or trust company which is a member of the United States federal reserve system.

  • GS Bank shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Originators have the meaning set forth in the Purchase and Sale Agreement, as the same may be modified from time to time by adding new Originators or removing Originators, in each case with the prior written consent of the Administrative Agent.

  • Bank Subsidiary means the subsidiary or subsidiaries or the Bank which may from time to time be specified by the Bank to the Customer;

  • Custodian bank means as defined in section 515.35.

  • The Bank means the Bank of India;

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  • Deposit Account Bank means a financial institution selected or approved by the Administrative Agent and with respect to which a Grantor has delivered to the Administrative Agent an executed Deposit Account Control Agreement.

  • World Bank means the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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  • Lockbox Bank means a depository institution named by the Servicer and acceptable to the Controlling Party.

  • Lock-Box Bank means any of the banks or other financial institutions holding one or more Lock-Box Accounts.

  • Intermediary bank means a bank to which an item is transferred in course of collection except the depositary or payor bank.

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  • Depository Bank means the Institution that issues a specific Depositary Receipt on behalf of the underlying company. The Depository Bank maintains a holding of Stock in the Underlying on which it is able to issue Depositary Receipts;

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  • Home Institution means the institution where the student is currently enrolled as a degree seeking student and may be eligible for financial aid at the same institution.

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