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HollyFrontier Tulsa is defined in the introduction to this Agreement.
HollyFrontier Tulsa means HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.
HollyFrontier Tulsa means XX Xxxxxxxx Tulsa Refining LLC (f/k/a HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining LLC.”

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  • IntroductionThe statewide assessments of quality and access serve multiple functions for the demonstration.First, the assessments help CMS determine the impact of the demonstration on quality and access, consistent with STCs 52 and 54.

  • HollyFrontier Tulsa will retain responsibility for complying with the terms of the Tulsa RCRA Permits, including all obligations that apply or relate to the Applicable Assets located at the Tulsa Refinery Complex.

  • The type of high pay, but labor intensive, jobs which are particularly difficult for a local economy to replace.38East Coast: Trainer, PES Philadelphia, PBF Paulsboro, PBF Delaware City; Mid-Con: HollyFrontier Tulsa, HollyFrontier Navajo, CVR Wynnewood, CVR Coffeeville, P66 Ponca City, VLO Ardmore, Delek El Dorado, Western Refining Gallup NM, Alon Krotz Springs, Wyoming Newcastle; among others.39This outcome would only present, in the unlikely event that every at risk refiner filed for bankruptcy.

  • HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining (HFTR) has requested a modification to their Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) construction permit, Permit No. 2012-1062-C (M-13)(PSD) issued March 21, 2019.

  • HEP Tulsa will and will cause its Affiliates to cooperate with and support HollyFrontier Tulsa and its Affiliates in satisfying any applicable compliance and reporting obligations under the Tulsa RCRA Permits and other Environmental Permits as they relate to the Applicable Assets at the Tulsa Refinery Complex and does hereby authorize HollyFrontier Tulsa to submit all reports, certifications and other compliance related submissions on its behalf in satisfaction of such compliance and reporting obligations.

  • HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining (HFRT) has requested a modification to their PSD construction permit, Permit No. 2010-599-C (M-7)(PSD) issued January 8, 2016.

  • In addition to LCCC, Casper College and WWCC, the Process Technology Program of Study and its related curriculum was developed in collaboration with the statewide Process Technology safety group comprised of industry experts statewide, Wyoming OSHA, Holly-Frontier, Tulsa Community College and utilizing curriculum components designed by industry experts for the Center for Process Technology (CAPT).

  • HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining (Holly) has requested a modification to their PSD construction permit, Permit No. 2012-1062-C (M-8)(PSD) issued January 8, 2016.

  • HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining (HFTR) has requested a modification to their Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) construction permit, Permit No. 2012-1062-C (M-8)(PSD) issued January 8, 2016.

  • Tulsa HollyFrontier Tulsa Refining LLC (“HFTR”) operates under two Consent Decrees with the EPA and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (“ODEQ”).

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HollyFrontier Tulsa has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.

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