Holdings Securities definition

Holdings Securities shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Holdings Securities means preferred stock or debt securities issued by Holdings prior to the Merger.
Holdings Securities means the Class A Units and Class B Units to be issued by Holdings to the Investors pursuant to Section 2.1.

Examples of Holdings Securities in a sentence

  • M Financial Group is the parent company of M Benefit Solutions and M Holdings Securities, Inc.

  • Disclosure Regarding Market Timing and Selective Disclosure of Portfolio Holdings, Securities Act Release No. 8408, Investment Company Act Release No. 26,418, 69 Fed.

  • River Park Center 000 X.X. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx 00000 Attn: President If to the Company: Pacific Life Insurance Company 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 Attn: Variable Regulatory Compliance If to the Distributor: M Holdings Securities, Inc River Park Center 000 XX Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Attn: President or at such other address as such party may from time to time specify in writing to the other party.

  • Ensure the site is not paying for properties it no longer owns or controls.

  • All covenants, agreements, representations and warranties made herein or in any other document referred to herein or delivered to a party pursuant hereto or in connection herewith shall survive the execution and delivery to such party of this Agreement and of Holdings Securities.

More Definitions of Holdings Securities

Holdings Securities means collectively (i) the 865,042 shares of Common Stock that Holdings acquired pursuant to the terms of the Stock Purchase Agreement, (ii) the Subordinated Debentures acquired by Holdings and PHL pursuant to the terms of the Stock Purchase Agreement, (iii) the shares of Common Stock into which the Subordinated Debentures are convertible pursuant to the terms of the Subordinated Debentures and (iv) any other shares of Common Stock that Holdings, PHL and their Affiliates may acquire from time to time, including without limitation such additional shares of Common Stock that the Company may issue with respect to such shares pursuant to any stock splits, stock dividends, recapitalizations, restructurings, reclassifications or similar transactions.
Holdings Securities means, collectively, (i) shares or other equity interests in Holdings (including new classes or series thereof having such powers, designations, preferences and rights as may be determined by the board of directors of Holdings); (ii) obligations, evidences of indebtedness or other securities or equity interests convertible or exchangeable into shares or other interests in Holdings; and (iii) warrants, options or other rights to purchase or otherwise acquire shares or other equity interests in Holdings.
Holdings Securities means, collectively, Common Stock and/or Preferred Stock.
Holdings Securities means the Common Stock and the Preferred Stock as collectively referred to herein.
Holdings Securities means the shares of Series A Preferred (as defined below) and Series B Preferred (as defined below) held by Holdings as set forth on Part A of Schedule 1.1 attached hereto.
Holdings Securities means the Common Stock and the Preferred Stock as collectively referred to herein and any and all securities of Holdings that may be issued in respect of, in exchange for or in the substitution of any shares of Common Stock or Preferred Stock."
Holdings Securities means any outstanding Equity Interest in ------------------- Holdings.