Intermediate Holding Company definition

Intermediate Holding Company means any Subsidiary of Holdings that, directly or indirectly, owns 100% of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests of the Borrower.
Intermediate Holding Company means any wholly-owned Subsidiary of Holdings that directly or indirectly through another Intermediate Holding Company, owns 100% of the issued and outstanding Equity Interests of the Parent Borrower.
Intermediate Holding Company means Southwest Gas Utility Group, Inc., a California corporation.

Examples of Intermediate Holding Company in a sentence

  • The Reorganization Plan distinguishes between fourthree categories of Debtors under such Plan: Covanta, the ultimate parent company; Operating Company Debtors, which are entities that own operating assets that will remain part of the Reorganizing Debtors’ business after the ReorganizationEffective Date; and Intermediate Holding Company Debtors which own no assets other than stock of the Operating Company Debtors; and the.

  • Yes 🞎 No ⌧ All of the outstanding capital stock of the registrant is held by Century Intermediate Holding Company.

  • Up to the date of this report, the Group is still in discussion with the Ultimate Holding Company, the parent company of EPGL, concerning a further extension of the repayment date of the Intermediate Holding Company Loan from 17 August 2014 to a later date.

  • Pursuant to a loan agreement between a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, namely Mega Harvest International Limited and the Intermediate Holding Company of the Company, namely EPGL, a loan facility of aggregate principal amount of US$40,000,000 was granted by EPGL to Mega Harvest International Limited.

  • There are two such banks in our sample, not driving our results.12In most of the analysis, we end our sample in July 2016, when foreign banks operating in the U.S. startedto be required to form an Intermediate Holding Company (IHC) that would comply with U.S. regulations.13See the transcripts of Citi 2017Q2 fixed income investor review.capture risks on both the asset and liability sides of a bank’s balance sheet within this horizon.

More Definitions of Intermediate Holding Company

Intermediate Holding Company means a Subsidiary of the Issuer which itself has Subsidiaries;
Intermediate Holding Company means any Subsidiary of the Parent that is a direct or indirect owner of equity in Aon Corporation.
Intermediate Holding Company means a Wholly-Owned Domestic Subsidiary of Nexstar Media (other than a Digital Business Entity) that owns and controls, directly, or indirectly through one or more other Intermediate Holding Companies and/or together with other Intermediate Holding Companies, legally and beneficially all of the Equity Interests in the Borrower.
Intermediate Holding Company means an entity of which at
Intermediate Holding Company means a holding company which is a subsidiary of a mutual insurance holding company or part of a holding company system controlled by a mutual insurance holding company pursuant to the provisions of Iowa Code chapter 521A.
Intermediate Holding Company means a business corporation subsidiary of a mutual holding company domiciled in this state, any other state, or the District of Columbia that is authorized to issue 1 or more classes of capital stock, the corporate purposes of which include holding directly or indirectly the voting stock of a converted company.
Intermediate Holding Company means a Subsidiary which has no Indebtedness (other than pursuant to the Loan Documents or intercompany Indebtedness to Holdings or any Restricted Subsidiary of Holdings not prohibited by Section 6.01) and holds no material assets other than Equity Interests in another Subsidiary.