HERA definition

HERA means the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, as amended on the Effective Date.
HERA means the Hawai‘i Electricity Reliability Administrator.

Examples of HERA in a sentence

  • Portheault, “Premie`re mesure des sections efficaces de courant charge´ etneutre avec le faisceau de positrons polarise´ a` HERA II et analyses QCD-e´lectrofaibles”, Ph.D. thesis, Universite´ Paris XI (2005), LAL-05-05, available athttp://www-h1.desy.de/publications/theses_list.html.[36] S.D. Ellis and D.E. Soper, Phys.

  • PRINCIPLES FOR ANTI - CORRUPTION MANAGEMENT The HERA Group rejects corruption in all its direct and indirect forms and adopts an anti-corruption management system integrated into the Organisation and Management Model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/01 (hereafter, the “231 Model”), whose foundation lies in the principles and values expressed in the Code of Ethics and in the Quality and Sustainability Policy adopted by the HERA Group.

  • The data collected at the HERA ep collider by the H1 and ZEUS experiments are compared with similar measurements obtained in e+e− annihilation and with previous ep measurements as well as with leading-logarithm parton-shower predictions.

  • The ep collider HERA is ideally suited to search for new particles coupling to electron1–quarkpairs.

  • At HERA, 27.5- GeV beams of electrons or positrons collide with a 920-GeV beam of protons, to produce 320 GeV in the centre-of-mass frame.

More Definitions of HERA

HERA means The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 and the regulations promulgated pursuant thereto.
HERA means the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, Public Law No. 110–289, 122 Stat. 2654 (July 30, 2008).
HERA. ’ means the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.
HERA means the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, Pub. L. 110- 289, 122 Stat. 2654.
HERA mean the Recipient’s agenda for the reform of tertiary education, as set forth in Government Resolution No. 14/2005/NQ-CP of November 2, 2005 on Substantial and Comprehensive Renewal of Vietnam’s Tertiary Education in the 2006-2020 Period.
HERA has the meaning given to such term in Paragraph B(1) of Appendix.