Haryana definition

Haryana means the State of Haryana of the Borrower, or any successor or successors thereto.
Haryana means the Borrower’s state of Haryana, or any successor thereto;
Haryana means State of Haryana, a State of the Borrower, or any successor thereto;

Examples of Haryana in a sentence

  • Critical analysis of current Home Science Text Books in secondary schools of Haryana State.• Planning of space and equipment of Home Science Laboratory• Classification and importance of Teaching Aids, (Visual Aids :- Chart, Model, Specimen).• E-learning Resources: Use of Multimedia and Computers in Home Science, e- learning, PPT, Internet.• Qualities of a good Home Science Teacher.

  • In the state other than Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh, Railway freight from Ludhiana to nearest Railhead and Road transportation cost from such railhead to depot will be added in the quoted price to arrive at the sale price.

  • To analyze and prepare a report on the present curriculum of Haryana School Education Board/ CBSE in the light of various determinates of curriculum development.

  • Development of Five Demonstration Experiments on the Topics Covered in the Syllabus from Science Test-books at the Lower Secondary Level in Haryana State.

  • The term “State Agency Godowns” shall mean, godowns including CAP of various State Agencies of Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

  • That appeal before the Supreme Court arose from a judgment of the Punjab and Haryana High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution refusing to grant custody of a minor to the mother after the minor had been produced before the High Court in compliance with the writ of habeas corpus issued by it.

  • Development of Five Demonstration Experiments on the Topics Covered in the Syllabus from Physical Science Test-books at the Lower Secondary Level in Haryana State.

  • Haryana became an explicit bellwether for political competition throughout the Hindi-speaking belt of Northern India, rather than a sub-region of Punjab, that competed for resources and control within the larger state.

  • The 1966 division of Punjab into Punjab and Haryana, while increasing the autonomy of the Sikhs as a small religious and language minority within India, actually weakened their position in the larger national political game.

  • The ECG signal is a recording of body surface potentials Revised Version Manuscript Received on May 09, 2016.Ms Pooja Sabherwal Assistant Professor, The North Cap University, Gurgaon (Haryana).

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Haryana means the State of Haryana, a State of India, and includes any successor thereto;

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