Grow definition

Grow means to plant, cultivate, or harvest a plant or crop.
Grow means cultivating and harvesting cannabis for use in producing low THC oil.

Examples of Grow in a sentence

  • An Evaluation of the North Philadelphia Grow Up Great mathematics initiative.8. Puma, J.

  • The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Iconic, its three 51% owned subsidiaries BiVi, Bellissima, and Green Grow Farms Inc.

  • A process which has been also fuelled by structural changes in the composition of mating markets (Van Bavel 2012; Grow and Van Bavel 2015; De Hauw et al.

  • Grow Daikin’s ductless business in North America by gaining access to Goodman’s leading distribution network.

  • The intellectual property and production rights intangible asset was acquired in connection with our acquisition of a 51% equity interest in Green Grow Farms, Inc.

More Definitions of Grow

Grow means to plant, propagate, grow, cultivate, or harvest live plants or viable seeds.
Grow means to plant, cultivate, irrigate, grow or harvest
Grow means the planting, cultivating, harvesting, drying, selling, storing or transporting of hemp crops grown by the Grower. “Grow” may be used interchangeably with the wordproduce” or
Grow means to cultivate, propagate or harvest;