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GoT or "Government" means the government of the United Republic of Tanzania.
GoT means the Government of Telangana;

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  • PS3 will help the GOT to answer the question of how PFM functions, covering such elements as budget formation, payment systems, funds flow and financial management and internal controls, so that they can be adjusted to better match payment to priority services in health, education, agriculture, and other sectors.

  • PS3 envisions working with the GOT and other stakeholders to establish cost centers in Epicor for front line service providers, including those relevant to health, education, agriculture and possibly other sectors depending on the complexity of the task.

  • Its role is to facilitate learning for both GOT and PS3 as the program progresses, and inform corrective action where necessary in order to optimize opportunities or mitigate risks.

  • PS3 Governance and IS teams will work with the GOT to adopt, develop and promote the use of standardized unique provider codes across all LGAs. This will facilitate the use of the OpenLGA Platform as well as contribute significantly to improving data quality from DHIS2 and other sector key information systems.

  • As stated, the purpose of the project is to provide support the Government of Tanzania (GOT) to strengthen the Tanzanian public system to promote the delivery, quality, and use of public services, particularly for underserved populations.

  • We will support the GOT to begin to adapt planning methods and tools such as WISN to other public sectors.

  • In addition, we will review the award mechanism in OPRAS, to accelerate the GOT desired shift to performance-based payment and align with the reward aspect of RBF for health and possibly other sectors.

  • PS3 will strengthen the overall health care system, inclusive of GOT and USAID priority programs and will strengthen key multi-sectoral components of LGA systems as part of the approach to promote inclusive and evidenced-based planning, management, and implementation of services.

  • We will support the GOT to develop a multi-sectoral IS strategy and implementation plan.

  • This consistent and reliable presence will assist the GOT to harmonize public sector service delivery issues which are common to allpublic sectors.

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GoT means北 京 亞 博 高 騰 科 技 有 限 公 司 (Beijing AGTech GOT Technology Co., Ltd.#), a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and is an indirect wholly- owned subsidiary of the Company;
GoT means北京亞博高騰科技有限公司 (Beijing AGTech GOT Technology Co., Ltd.#), a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and is an indirect wholly- owned subsidiary of the Company;
GoT means the Government of Telangana and any agency, authority (including any regulatory authority) department, inspectorate, ministry or statutory person (whether autonomous or not) (including any successor therefor) under its control and direction;
GoT means the government of the Recipient;
GoT means 北京長城高騰信息產品有限公司 (Beijing Greatwall GOT Information Products Co., Ltd.*), a company incorporated in the PRC with limited liability and its 35% equity interest is held by the Group
GoT. Lower!” “Lowering” ❑ Belayer lowers Climber smoothly and slowly to the ground Additional Skills to check: Right hand clip, carabiner gate faces left Right hand clip, carabiner gate faces right Left hand clip, carabiner gate faces left Left hand clip, carabiner gate faces right The individual has demonstrated proficiency in: ❑ Properly clips into all quickdraws. ❑ Demonstrates confidence when lead climbing and has performed an error free 5.8 route on the date of this waiver. ❑ Properly connects into the climbing system as a lead belayer and a lead climber. ❑ Properly uses all lead climbing equipment and procedures. The manner in which you lead climb and belay during the test in the manner in which we expect all users to behave when lead climbing or belaying in the facility.

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