Definition of Generating Resource

Generating Resource (08/15/08 Version) means any source or amount of electric power from an identified electricity-producing unit, and for which the amount of power received by <<Customer Name>> or <<Customer Name>>'s retail consumer is determined by the power produced from such identified electricity-producing unit. Such unit may be owned by <<Customer Name>> or <<Customer Name>>'s retail consumer in whole or in part, or all or any part of the output from such unit may be owned for a defined period by contract.
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Examples of Generating Resource in a sentence

Delaware Generating Resource Recovery Partners L.P. California Great River Insurance Company California Haverhill Power, LLC Massachusetts Heber Field Energy II, Inc.
Ogden HCI Services(1) Pacific Energy Operating Group, L.P. Generating Resource Recovery Partners L.P. ---------- (1) Entity is inactive and is believed to be dissolved.
RECITALS: WHEREAS, Interconnection Requester is proposing to develop a _______________ kW solar electric generation project to be located at approximately _______________ in _______________, Vermont ( "Generating Resource" or "Project") that will interconnect at approximately line _______________ pole _______________ of the existing electric system of GMP; and WHEREAS, Interconnection Requester will need a Certificate of Public Good ("CPG") under 30 V.S. A.
Ancillary Services shall include services capable of being provided by a Generating Resource in addition to capacity and energy, to the extent commonly used or usable from time to time in the reliability region or control area in which the Generating Resource is located.