First Federal definition

First Federal means First Federal Savings and Loan Association, a federally chartered mutual savings and loan association headquartered in Hazard, Kentucky, and shall include any successor stock savings and loan association pursuant to the Reorganization
First Federal shall have the meaning given to that term in SECTION 2.13.
First Federal. Preamble "GAAP" -- Section 3.06 "Governmental Authority" -- Section 3.16(c) "HOLA" -- Section 4.01(a) "Hazardous Substances" -- Section 3.24 "IRS" -- Section 3.13 "Information" -- Section 7.06 "Loan Assets" -- Section 3.10 "Loan Documentation" -- Section 3.10 "material" -- Section 3.01(d) "material adverse effect" -- Section 3.01(d) "MRP" -- Section 4.03(a) "Nasdaq" -- Section 4.09 "No-Election Shares" -- Section 2.02(a) "ODFI" -- Section 3.01(b) "OGCL" -- Section 1.01 "OTS" -- Section 4.01(b) "Officers" -- Section 3.19(a) "Outstanding ComBanc Shares" -- Section 2.01(c) "PCBs" -- Section 3.24 "Pension Plan" -- Section 3.20(b) "Per Share Cash Consideration" -- Section 2.01(a) "Per Share Reduction" -- Section 2.01(d) "Per Share Stock Consideration" -- Section 2.01(a) "Proxy/Prospectus" -- Section 7.03(a) "Reallocated Cash Shares" -- Section 2.02(c) "Reallocated Stock Shares" -- Section 2.02(c) "Registration Statement" -- Section 7.03(a) "Regulatory Authorities" -- Section 3.16(a) "Rule 145 Affiliates" -- Section 5.05 "SEC" -- Section 3.01(c) "Securities Act" -- Section 3.20(b) "Stock Election Shares" -- Section 2.02(a) "Subsidiary" -- Section 3.01(c) "Surviving Corporation" -- Section 1.01 "Tax" -- Section 3.13 "Tax Returns" -- Section 3.13 "Updated ComBanc Disclosure Schedule" -- Section 5.02 AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER THIS AGREEMENT AND PLAN OF MERGER (the "AGREEMENT"), dated as of August 4, 2004, is made and entered into by and among First Defiance Financial Corp., an Ohio corporation ("FDEF"); First Federal Bank of the Midwest, a federal savings bank ("FIRST FEDERAL"); ComBanc, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("COMBANC"); and The Commercial Bank, an Ohio commercial bank ("COMMERCIAL BANK").

Examples of First Federal in a sentence

  • I have reviewed this quarterly report on Form 10-Q of First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.

  • All forward-looking statements are based on current expectations regarding important risk factors including, but not limited to, real estate values, the impact of interest rates on financing, changes in general economic conditions, legislative and regulatory changes that adversely affect the business of the Company and the ability of First Federal MHC to waive dividends and changes in the securities markets.

  • A signed original of this written statement required by Section 906 has been provided to First Federal of Northern Bancorp, Inc.

  • Mahler, is the Chief Executive Officer of First Federal of Northern Michigan Bancorp, Inc.

  • I have reviewed this annual report on Form 10-K of First Federal Bancshares of Arkansas, Inc.

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First Federal. Preamble "First Federal Balance Sheet Date" -- Section 3.06 "First Federal Certificates" -- Section 2.02(a) "First Federal Disclosure Schedule" -- Preamble "First Federal Dissenting Share" -- Section 2.02(i) "First Federal Financial Statements" -- Section 3.06 "First Federal Meeting" -- Section 3.04(b) "First Federal Real Estate Collateral" -- Section 3.24(b) "First Federal Real Properties" -- Section 3.13 "First Federal Shares" -- Preamble "First Federal Stock Option Plans" -- Section 3.02(a) "First Federal Stock Options" -- Section 3.02(a) "First Federal Subsidiaries" -- Section 3.01(b) "First Federal's Financial Advisors" -- Section 3.17
First Federal s Financial Advisors" -- Section 3.17
First Federal means First Federal Savings & Loan Association of Edwardsville, a Federally chartered stock savings association, with its principal offices located at 300 St. Louis Street, Xxxxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000, xxxxx xx x xxxxxx xxned subsidiary of First Federal Financial.
First Federal is a member in good standing of the FHLB and owns the requisite amount of stock therein.
First Federal. Financial has made available to CLFC copies of its (i) annual report on Form 10-KSB for the year ended December 31, 2004, (ii) quarterly 44 report on Form 10-QSB for each quarter ended on or after June 30, 2004 and (iii) proxy materials used or for use in connection with its meetings of shareholders held in 2005. Such reports and such proxy materials complied, at the time filed with the SEC, in all material respects, with the Securities Laws.
First Federal means First Federal Savings and Loan Association of San Xxxxxxx Valley, a Federal savings association and a SGV Subsidiary.
First Federal means First Federal Savings Bank, which was merged with and into the Employer on July 10, 2000.