MHC definition

MHC means Prudential Mutual Holding Company, the parent mutual holding company for the Corporation and the Bank.
MHC means the mutual holding company resulting from the MHC Reorganization which mutual holding company shall be named “Malvern Federal Mutual Holding Company” or such other name as may be selected by the Board of Directors of the MHC.
MHC means MHC Inc.

Examples of MHC in a sentence

  • Wildlife Relationship Habitat Type and Use by Northern SpottedWHR 3P 3M 3D4P 4M 4D5P 5M 5D 6 MHC RWD HP MR MNUse: L low; M H high; F foraging; R roosting; N nesting; MHW = montane hardwood; MHC hardwood-conifer.

  • CRANEAGENotes:The tariffs for Craneage are applicable to the deployment of Quayside Jib Cranes, Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes, Mobile Harbour Cranes (MHC), other Heavy Mobile Cranes in stevedoring operations.

  • The said entry in the register has been signed by the SHO Mansarovar Park, as well as the MHC.

  • The MHC provides technical assistance and planning and implementation grant funds to municipal “historic commissions” and private “historic societies” in an effort to preserve and protect local, state and national historic assets in the Montachusett Region.

  • Statewide there exists the Massachusetts Historic Commission (MHC).

More Definitions of MHC

MHC means manufactured housing community.
MHC means Home Federal Mutual Holding Company of Louisiana, the parent mutual holding company for the Corporation and the Association.
MHC means MeriStar Hospitality Corporation, a Maryland corporation.
MHC means MSB Financial, MHC, the mutual holding company of the Bank.
MHC means Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of Cleveland, MHC.
MHC means BSB Bancorp, MHC, a mutual holding company, with its principal administrative office at Two Leonard Street, Belmont, MA 02478.