First Class Cricket definition

First Class Cricket means First Class or List A Cricket as recognised by the ICC and, at the discretion of the ECB, other Approved Cricket which is not recognised as First Class or List A Cricket by the ICC, but which is played by teams which also play First Class Cricket and/or List A cricket as recognised by the ICC (and for the purposes of this definition, teams playing First Class Cricket shall include, without limitation and until further notice to the contrary, the teams which participate or have participated in either the BCCI approved IPL or the Cricket Australia approved “Big Bash” tournament or teams which play in any analogous Approved Cricket in any format of the game).
First Class Cricket means level of cricket and its conditions as may be prescribed by the PCB from time to time and authorized to be played by the Cricket Associations affiliated with the PCB;

Examples of First Class Cricket in a sentence

  • Only former players who have played at least First Class Cricket shall be eligible to be appointed to this Committee.

  • First Class Cricketer Exception (Category X+P):Any Category player who has played First Class Cricket* prior to the 1st May in the current year, and since the 1st May in the preceding year.

  • Only former players who have played atleast First Class Cricket shall be eligible to be appointed to this Committee.

  • In Test and First Class Cricket matches, the match winner will be settled as determined by the competition’s official governing body.

  • B Division teams can include any number of players who have played First Class Cricket under the auspices of BCCI.

  • Governing Body Endorsement requirements for migrants in Non First Class Cricket: full-time coaches – coaches only If a cricket club wishes to apply for a Governing Body Endorsement to employ a full-time coach they will have to satisfy the following requirements: • That the individual is either qualified to UKCC 2 or ECB Level II standard or holds a non UK qualification that is at least equivalent to the ECB Coach (UKCC 2) standard coaching qualification as confirmed by the ECB.

  • Only former players who have played atleast First Class Cricket shall beeligible to be appointed to this Committee.

  • The elected Directors shall comprise 5 (five) Office Bearers (which are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer), one member who has represented DDCA in First Class Cricket and above, one woman member and 5 other Directors.

  • First Class Cricket & Centres of Excellence Both of which may be used for practice, coaching and general training.

  • The two models are estimated using the combined data from the Safer Journeys program (monthly car use) and the data obtained from the Tripi app and the pre-trial survey.

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  • First Class Mail When mailed first class to the last address of the recipient known to the party giving notice, notice is effective three (3) mail delivery days after deposit in a United States Postal Service office or mailbox. Certified Mail: When mailed certified mail, return receipt requested, notice is effective on receipt, if delivery is confirmed by a return receipt. Overnight Delivery: When delivered by overnight delivery (Federal Express/Airborne/United Parcel Service/DHL WorldWide Express) with charges prepaid or charged to the sender’s account, notice is effective on delivery, if delivery is confirmed by the delivery service. Facsimile transmission: When sent by facsimile to the facsimile number of the recipient known to the party giving notice, notice is effective on receipt, provided that, (a) a duplicate copy of the notice is promptly given by first-class or certified mail or by overnight delivery, or (b) the receiving party delivers a written confirmation of receipt. Any notice given facsimile shall be deemed received on the next business day if it is received after 5:00 p.m. (recipient’s time) or on a non-business day. Addresses for purpose of giving notice are as follows: To COUNTY: COUNTY OF MENDOCINO Xxxxx, XX 00000 Attn: To CONTRACTOR: [Name of Contractor] [Number and Street] [City, State, Zip Code] ATTN: Any correctly addressed notice that is refused, unclaimed, or undeliverable because of an act or omission of the party to be notified shall be deemed effective as of the first date that said notice was refused, unclaimed, or deemed undeliverable by the postal authorities, messenger, or overnight delivery service. Any party may change its address or facsimile number by giving the other party notice of the change in any manner permitted by this Agreement.

  • Class II renewable energy means electric energy produced at a

  • Class C operator means the individual responsible for initially addressing emergencies presented by a spill or release from an UST system. The Class C operator typically controls or monitors the dispensing or sale of regulated substances.

  • Class I renewable energy means electric energy produced from

  • Settlement Classes means all Persons included in the Electrolytic Settlement Classes and the Film Settlement Classes.

  • Settlement Class Members means a Person(s) who falls within the definition of the Settlement Class.

  • asset class means the category of the underlying interest of a derivative and includes, for greater certainty, interest rate, foreign exchange, credit, equity and commodity;

  • Class Members means all individuals in the Settlement Class, including the Class Representatives.

  • Settlement Class means, in respect of each Proceeding, the settlement class defined in Schedule A.

  • Class Coupon Formula The formula specified for each Class of variable rate Notes, as set forth in Appendix I for Original Notes and Appendix II for MAC Notes.

  • WOfinal means, in respect of the Valuation Date, the lowest performance (expressed as a percentage) among the Indices as determined by the Calculation Agent in accordance with the following formula:

  • Class 2 A-1 and Class 2-A-2 Certificates. Group 2 Certificates................... Group 2 Senior Certificates and the portions of the Subordinated Certificates related to Loan Group 2.

  • Class B operator means an individual designated by an UST system owner or operator as having control of or responsibility for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of the system. The Class B operator typically performs or ensures the performance of operation and maintenance activities at a UST facility, maintains records of those activities, and reports those activities to the department.

  • Participating Class Members means all Class Members who do not submit valid

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  • Class C Class D," "Class E," "Class F," "Class G," "Class H," "Class J," "Class K," "Class L," "Class M," "Class N," "Class O," "Class P," "Class R-I," "Class R-II" and "Class R-III" respectively, on the face thereof, in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibits.