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  • HOYA BUILDINGAddress: 455A Jalan Ahmad IbrahimVendor: Ascendas Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd Property: A two-storey light industrial building Asset class: Light IndustrialLand area: 6,451 sqm (subject to survey)Tenant(s): Hoya Medical Singapore Pte.

  • Item (iv)(E): Asset class allocation as of the end of the most recent calendar quarter – We recommend revising this item to require that the information be reported in ranges (e.g., 0-25%; 26-50%; 76-100%), as of the end of the reporting period.

  • Address: 30 Tampines Industrial Avenue 3 Vendor: Freight Links Fabpark Pte Ltd Property: A two-storey hi-tech building Asset class: Business ParkLand area: 15,201 sqm (subject to survey)Tenant(s): Ness Display Singapore Pte.

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asset class means a distinct group of assets, such as land and building, machinery and equipment, displaying similar characteristics, that can be classified and requires separate set of valuers for valuation;
asset class means the underlying asset, security or event from which an OTC derivative derives its value, such as an interest rate, foreign exchange, credit, equity or a commodity;
asset class means those security- based swaps in a particular broad cat- egory, including, but not limited to, credit derivatives and equity deriva- tives.
asset class. Investment Manager: Portfolio Objective: Benchmark: U.S. Dollar Denominated Fixed Income Securities PNC Capital Advisors, LLC To outperform the Benchmark net of fees over a market cycle. Barclays U.S. 1- to 3-Year Government/Credit Bond Index (the  Types of Investments: “Index”) The Account may invest in investment grade fixed income securities including, but not limited to, U.S. government and agency securities; taxable municipal securities; corporate securities; residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities. The Account may invest in private placements 144A securities, and cash and short-term investments including, U.S. Treasury and agency securities, certificates of deposit, commercial paper rated, and repurchase agreements. MetLife’s commingled cash sweep vehicle may be used to manage the cash position. The Account may utilize futures, swaps, forwards and options for bona fide hedging and  Asset Quality: portfolio management purposes. The Account will maintain an average credit quality of “A1” or  Duration: its equivalent. Index duration ± 0.5 years
asset class means a separate grouping of assets consisting solely of items of Tangible Personal Property all of which are either “like class” or “like kind” within the meaning of Treasury Regulations §1.1031(a)-2.