FTSE 100 definition

FTSE 100 means the FTSE 100 Index. This product is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by FTSE International Limited.
FTSE 100 means the FTSE 100 index. This product is not in any way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by FTSE International Limited. ‘HMRC’ means Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.
FTSE 100 means the FTSE 100 Index as reported by Bloomberg under the code 'UKX Index'.

Examples of FTSE 100 in a sentence

  • The Plan Manager may terminate the Plan at any time for reasons including, but not limited to illegality, amendments or disruption to the FTSE 100 or other events beyond the control of the Plan Manager, provided the Plan Manager gives you a reasonable period of written notice as the situation dictates.

  • A: The FTSE 100 Index is a widely used benchmark for the UK stock market.

  • The Preference Shares are not listed on any stock exchange.(2)PERFORMANCE OF REFERENCE ASSET AND OTHER INFORMATION CONCERNING THE REFERENCE ASSET Bloomberg screen: UKX in respect of FTSE 100 INDEX.

  • The FTSE 100 is an international index which includes HSBC, Vodafone, Royal Dutch Shell and GlaxoSmithKline.

  • The companies that comprise the FTSE 100 derive more than two thirds of their revenues from outside the UK and therefore provide exposure to the world economy as well as the UK.

  • The terms of the Securities may permit the Issuer of the Securities to withhold, defer, reduce or even terminate payments in certain events including, but not limited to, illegality, amendments or disruption to the FTSE 100 or other events beyond the control of the Plan Manager and which make it necessary for the Plan Manager to withhold, defer, reduce or terminate such payments, and as a result, you may receive less than you would otherwise have anticipated or may have to wait for the proceeds.

  • These can be options and futures on the FTSE 100 index or any other index, as well as currency and interest rate swaps.

  • The actual amount you receive will depend on the level of the FTSE 100 (including the effect of dividends), interest rates, market volatility, time left to the Maturity Date and any costs Investec reasonably incurs for breaking the funding arrangements entered into in relation to your investment.

  • Relevant Benchmarks: FTSE 100 is provided by FTSE International Limited.

  • Traded on both the New York and London Stock Exchanges, Carnival Corporation & plc is the only group in the world to be included in both the S&P 500 and the FTSE 100 indices.

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