Fidelity definition

Fidelity means the extent to which the delivery of services conforms to the curriculum, protocol, and guidelines for implementation. A curriculum delivered to an approved population exactly as intended by its developer has high Fidelity and is likely to meet the intended results and outcomes.
Fidelity means the extent to which delivery of an intervention adheres to the protocol or program model originally developed.

Examples of Fidelity in a sentence

  • In addition, each Fidelity Central Fund's financial statements are available on the SEC's website or upon request.

  • Affiliated fund that is generally available only to investment companies and other accounts managed by Fidelity Investments.

  • Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement.On October 1, 2009, Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

  • Exhibit Description 10.1 Credit Agreement, dated as of January 18, 2007, by and among Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.

  • United States Fidelity & GuarantyCorporation, 949 P.2d 337 (Utah 1997) 9 Hardee v.

More Definitions of Fidelity

Fidelity means Fidelity Management & Research Company.
Fidelity means Fidelity Information Services, Inc., a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of the State of Arkansas, having been incorporated on June 15, 1967 by Articles of Incorporation filed with the Secretary of State on that date, as amended from time to time. Fidelity owns one hundred percent (100%) of the outstanding shares of Wholesale Banking. Fidelity shall also be known as the Parent Corporation.
Fidelity means the degree to which the service meets the practice standards for IHBT as scored on the Ohio department of mental health (ODMH) IHBT fidelity rating scale.
Fidelity means the extent to which the SDE System maintains Data without corruption or disturbance to its content as it is processed;
Fidelity means the extent to which a program adheres to the evidence based practice model. Fidelity to the Wraparound model means that an organization participates in measuring whether Wraparound is being implemented to Fidelity, and will require, at a minimum, assessing (1) adherence to the core values and principles of Wraparound described in ORS 418.977, (2) whether the basic activities of facilitating a Wraparound process are occurring, and (3) supports at the organizational and system level.
Fidelity means Fidelity Management & Research Company and its Affiliates.