Blending definition

Blending means either the mixing of originally segregated Binned Grades within a Facility or during the outturn process.
Blending means the mixing of one or more petroleum products, with or without another product, and regardless of the original character of the product blended, if the product obtained by the blending is capable of use in the generation of power for the propulsion of a motor vehicle. “Blending” does not include mix- ing that occurs in refining by the original refiner of crude petro- leum nor mixing of lubricating oil in the production of lubricating oils and greases.

Examples of Blending in a sentence

  • Blending sounds smoothly from the start also avoids the unnecessary and often debilitating step of breaking words into discrete sounds and then trying to put them back together.

  • Applications of LP • Product mix • Production planning • Assembly line balancing • Blending problem • Media selection • Travelling salesman problem • Physical distribution • Staffing problem • Job evaluation and selection • Agriculture • Military • Routing problems Problem A company is manufacturing two different types of products A and B.

  • It has been accepted for inclusion in Makara Journal of Technology by an authorized editor of UI Scholars Hub.Use of Green Mussel Shell as a Desulfurizer in the Blending of Low Rank Coal- Biomass Briquette CombustionAuthorsMahidin Mahidin, Asri Gani, M.

  • Blending involves the establish- ment of partial mappings between cognitive models in different spaces in the network, and the projection of conceptual structure from space to space.Consider the following slogan from a bumper sticker on a college student‘s car: My karma ran over my dogma.

  • Blending theory (like most theories of meaning) is really an interpretive model and its strength can be assessed by how well it treats disparate cases in a principled way.

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Blending means the mixing of one or more petroleum
Blending means combining two or more spirit drinks of the same category, distinguished only by minor differences in composition due to one or more of the following factors:
Blending means the mixture of spirits or wines of different strengths or of different qualities ;
Blending means the mixing together of liquids that produces a product that is offered for sale, sold, used, or capable of use as fuel for a gasoline-powered engine or diesel-powered engine. The term does not include mixing that occurs in the process of refining by the original refiner of crude petroleum or the commingling of products during transportation in a pipeline.
Blending means the mixing of one or more petroleum products with another product, regardless of
Blending means the mixing together of one or
Blending means mixing of two or more spirits which may be of different strengths and different qualities;