Father definition

Father means the male, biological parent of a child.
Father means a man presumed to be the natural father of a child if:
Father means the man who:-

Examples of Father in a sentence

  • Immediate family means: Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Father, Father-in-Law, Brother or Sister (whether full or half-blood or by legal adoption) and Grandparents.

  • Principal Father Mother Guardian Coordinator Name: Name: Name: Alternative responsibility: Name: XXXXXXX XXXXXX Emirates ID: Emirates ID: Emirates ID: Parent-School Contract Addendum Definitions: Face-to-face learning or onsite learning: teaching and learning that takes place when students and teachers are in a physical school building together.

  • Members of the immediate family shall be defined as Mother, Father, Step- Mother, Step-Father, Spouse (including common-law), Same Sex Partner, Child, Grandchild, Brother, Sister, Step-Brother, Step-Sister, Mother-In-law, Father-in- law, Grandmother and Grandfather.

More Definitions of Father

Father means the male, biological parent of a child when used in reference to the declaration of paternity registry.
Father means a father, a father through adoption, or a man who for a period of not
Father means the parent-child relationship is established between a man and a child by:
Father means a man who is a father under the law of this state, including a man who, in accordance with § 46b-172, executes a binding acknowledgment of paternity and a man determined to be a father under chapter 815y.
Father means a birth, foster, step, or legally adoptive male parent.
Father means a parent who is of the male sex.