danger definition

danger means any hazard or condition that could reasonably be expected to cause injury or illness to an employee or other persons exposed thereto before the hazard or condition can be corrected.
danger means anything which may cause injury or damage to persons or property;
danger means any existing or potential hazard or condition or any current or future activity that could reasonably be expected to cause injury or illness to a person exposed to it before the hazard or condition can be corrected, or the activity altered, whether or not the injury or illness occurs immediately after the exposure to the hazard, condition or activity, and includes any exposure to a hazardous substance that is likely to result in a chronic illness, in disease or in damage to the reproductive system.

Examples of danger in a sentence

  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Project Activity Levels applicable to this project shall be the predicted levels for the Fire Danger Rating Area(s), or fire weather station(s) stated in the Sale Area Map legend.

  • Danger spruce trees may be removed from the cutting site for personal use within the Trapper Creek Xxxx Subdivision.

  • Danger notices shall have red lettering on a white background and shall be in English and Arabic.

  • The cables are to be covered with tape marked 'Danger Electrical Cable'.

More Definitions of danger

danger means danger of accident or of injury or to health;
danger means the likelihood of serious harm to a child precipitated by one or more currently active safety threats and arising from insufficient protective capacities.
danger means danger to health or danger to life or any part of body from shock, burn or other injury to persons, or property, or from fire or explosion, attendant upon the generation, transmission, transformation, conversion, distribution or use of energy;
danger means danger to health or to human life or limb from shock, burn, or other injury and includes danger to property, pipeline or installation resulting from the transmission, distribution or utilization of gas;
danger means exposure to harm or injury.
danger means a signal word indicating the more severe hazard categories;
danger means physical harm or threat of physical harm to one's self or others;