Estimated Distance definition

Estimated Distance means either (i) the anticipated distance a Fleet is expected to travel in a Member Jurisdiction during an applicable Registration Year as reported by an Applicant or (ii) the distance assigned to the Fleet by the Base Jurisdiction as determined in Section 320.
Estimated Distance means the distance assigned to the Fleet by the Base Jurisdiction as determined in Section 320.

Examples of Estimated Distance in a sentence

  • This would allow the Board to have a limited set of items, but many options for the final construction of exam versions.

  • If an Applicant has not operated for ninety (90) days or more during the distance reporting period (if you opened your account after April 1, 2012) , or there were no distances accrued during the reporting period, or if a new Jurisdiction is being added, place an "E" in the box to the left of the Jurisdiction and the estimated distance corresponding to the Jurisdiction(s) from the "Estimated Distance Chart" (included in this packet) in the box to the right of the Jurisdiction(s).

  • The Reporting Period for Estimated Distance is for the projected Registration Year.

  • The apportionment percentage for each Member Jurisdiction is the Estimated Distance attributed to that Member Jurisdiction divided by the amount determined in clause (ii) of this subsection (calculated to 6 decimal places and rounded to 5 decimal places), times 100.

  • Location District Estimated Distance from Kabul Provincial Capital Centre Xxxxx Xx Xxxx Xxxx 00 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx PD18 24 Shahrak Arfani PD18 20 Char Qala Xxxxx Xxxx PD10 10 1 camp of Karti Now PD8 10 2 camp of Karti Now PD8 7 Hewad wall camp PD8 12 Company PD5 15 Qala -e- pakhshak PD6 9 Qala -e- Qazi PD13 9 Sar xxxxx PD17 10 NRC may choose other locations, however, they will be up to a maximum of 40Km from Kabul Provincial Capital Centre.

  • Failure to make records available or provide adequate records for audit may result in an assessment based on estimation in the amount of 20% of the Apportionable Fees paid by the Registrant for the registration of its Fleet in the Registration Year to which the records pertain including Apportionable Fees based on Estimated Distance for the first offense.

  • Registrant Z began IRP operations as a new Registrant June 5, 2009, using all Estimated Distance.

  • The FNQLHSSC will come to your community or organization! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Alexandra Picard- Sioui, nutrition advisor at theFNQLHSSC, at 418 842-1540 or atAlexand r a.Picar d Sioui@

  • Table 14 – Estimated Distance to dBA Contours from Farming Activities11 Based on a source noise level of 84 dBASource: Napa County Baseline Date Report, Noise Section Table 6-14, Version 1, November 2005.

  • Arrive at CAYUGA MEDICAL CENTER, 101 DATES DR, ITHACA, NY 14850 on the RightTotal Estimated Time: 12 minutes Total Estimated Distance: 3.81 miles A copy of the route is included in Appendix A.In an emergency situation, all WSP personnel will take direction from the site health and safety coordinator.

Related to Estimated Distance

  • Estimated Value means the value of the Contract estimated under these Contract and Procurement Regulations.

  • Rentable Square Feet as used in the Lease will be deemed to include: (a) with respect to the Premises, the usable area of the Premises determined in accordance with the Method for Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings, ANSI Z65.1-1996 (the "BOMA Standard"), plus a pro rata portion of the main lobby area on the ground floor and all elevator machine rooms, electrical and telephone equipment rooms and mail delivery facilities and other areas used by all tenants of the Building, if any, plus (i) for single tenancy floors, all the area covered by the elevator lobbies, corridors, special stairways, restrooms, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms and telephone closets on such floors, or (ii) for multiple tenancy floors, a pro-rata portion of all of the area covered by the elevator lobbies, corridors, special stairways, restrooms, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms and telephone closets on such floor; and (b) with respect to the Building, the total rentable area for all floors in the Building computed in accordance with the provisions of Subparagraph 1(a) above. In calculating the "Rentable Square Feet" of the Premises or the Building, the area contained within the exterior walls of the Building stairs, fire towers, vertical ducts, elevator shafts, flues, vents, stacks and major pipe shafts will be excluded.

  • estimated consumption means the consumption that a customer, whose consumption is not measured during a specific period, is deemed to have consumed and that is estimated by taking into account factors that are considered relevant by the Municipality and which may include the consumption of municipal services by the totality of the users of a service within the area where the service is rendered by the Municipality, at the appropriate level of service, for a specific time;

  • Square feet or "square foot" as used in this Lease includes the area contained within the leased premises together with a common area percentage factor of the leased premises proportionate to the total building area.

  • Estimate means to be based on technical evaluation of the sources contributing to the discharge including, but not limited to, pump capabilities, water meters, and batch discharge volumes.

  • Blended learning means a hybrid instructional delivery model where pupils are provided content, instruction, and assessment in part at a supervised educational facility away from home where the pupil and a teacher with a valid Michigan teaching certificate are in the same physical location and in part through internet-connected learning environments with some degree of pupil control over time, location, and pace of instruction.

  • Estimated Cost , for the purposes of rule 22, means the estimated cost to maintain, repair or replace a major capital item;

  • FOR Destination costs means the cost of equipment and material at the consignee’s stores. The cost is exclusive of Excise duty, Sales Tax and other Local Taxes, but is inclusive of packing, forwarding and insurance and freight charges.

  • Gross Calorific Value of “GCV” shall mean that quantity of heat expressed in Kilowatt- hour produced by the complete combustion of one (1) normal cubic metre of Natural Gas at twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius and an absolute pressure of one decimal zero one three two five (1.01325) bar with excess air at the same temperature and pressure as the Natural Gas when the products of combustion are cooled to twenty-five (25) degrees Celsius and when the water formed by combustion is condensed to the liquid state and the products of combustion contain the same total mass of water vapor as the Natural Gas and air before combustion.

  • Estimated Cash has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).

  • Estimated revenue means the amount of revenue estimated to be received from all sources during the budget year in each fund for which a budget is being prepared.

  • Net Rentable Area With respect to any Real Estate, the floor area of any buildings, structures or improvements available for leasing to tenants determined in accordance with the Rent Roll for such Real Estate, the manner of such determination to be reasonably consistent for all Real Estate of the same type unless otherwise approved by the Agent.

  • Total Intrinsic Loss Estimate means the sum of the SF1-4 Intrinsic Loss Estimate in the Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement, and the Commercial Intrinsic Loss Estimate in the Commercial Shared-Loss Agreement, expressed in dollars.

  • Usable Area means the usable area calculated in accordance with the BOMA Standard.

  • Cost Estimate means the detailed projected expenditure, including material costs and overhead, equipment costs and overhead, labor costs and overhead, and all taxes associated with each major material and service component, required for a line extension. It shall also separately identify any incremental costs associated with providing premium services. The Company may, for the purpose of standardization, establish standard construction cost estimates, for basic or premium service plans, which shall not exceed, in any event, the average cost of constructing such line extensions in the area involved, in which case the term “cost estimate” as used in this section will be understood to mean the standard estimate thus established.

  • Current Assessed Value means the then-current assessed value of all taxable real property constituting Developer’s Project within the Developer Property as determined by the City’s Assessor as of April 1st of each Tax Year during the term of this Agreement.

  • Total Operating Expenses means all costs and expenses paid or incurred by the Company, as determined under generally accepted accounting principles, that are in any way related to the operation of the Company or to Company business, including advisory fees, but excluding (i) the expenses of raising capital such as Organization and Offering Expenses, legal, audit, accounting, underwriting, brokerage, listing, registration, and other fees, printing and other such expenses and tax incurred in connection with the issuance, distribution, transfer, registration and Listing of the Shares, (ii) interest payments, (iii) taxes, (iv) non-cash expenditures such as depreciation, amortization and bad debt reserves, (v) incentive fees paid in compliance with the NASAA REIT Guidelines, (vi) Acquisition Fees and Acquisition Expenses, (vii) real estate commissions on the Sale of Properties, (viii) Financing Coordination Fees and (ix) other fees and expenses connected with the acquisition, disposition, management and ownership of real estate interests, mortgage loans or other property (including the costs of foreclosure, insurance premiums, legal services, maintenance, repair and improvement of property).

  • Total Fund Operating Expenses with respect to a Fund is defined to include all expenses necessary or appropriate for the operation of the Fund including the Adviser’s investment advisory or management fee under the Advisory Agreement and other expenses described in the Advisory Agreement that the Fund is responsible for and have not been assumed by the Adviser, but excludes front-end or contingent deferred loads, taxes, leverage expenses, interest, brokerage commissions, expenses incurred in connection with any merger or reorganization, unusual or infrequently occurring expenses (such as litigation), acquired fund fees and expenses, and dividend expenses, if any.

  • SF1-4 Intrinsic Loss Estimate means total losses under this Single Family Shared-Loss Agreement in the amount of eighteen million dollars ($18,000,000.00).

  • Rentable Area when applied to the Premises, is that area equal to the usable area of the Premises, plus an equitable allocation of Rentable Area within the Building that is not then utilized or expected to be utilized as usable area, including that portion of the Building devoted to corridors, equipment rooms, restrooms, elevator lobby, atrium and mailroom.

  • On-premise beer retailer means a beer retailer who is:

  • Gross Rent means the rent for a set-aside unit, including any applicable utility allowances, in compliance with the rent limits applicable to the property for 2020. Gross rent does include optional fees included in the household’s lease, including but not limited to, washer/dryer, cable, parking, etc., as long as they are included in the lease or addendums to the lease. In addition, when a utility that is purchased from or through a local utility company by the Development, who in turn bills residents for actual consumption of the utility will also be eligible when the applicable utility allowance for the Development includes a deduction for the utility and the household’s lease specifies that the resident is responsible for the utility.

  • Intrinsic Loss Estimate means total losses under the shared loss agreements in the amount of One hundred Sixty-eight million dollars ($168,000,000.00).

  • Estimated Costs means costs estimated by the Authority as likely to be:

  • Estimated Closing Statement has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).

  • Square Footage means the total gross horizontal areas of all floors, including usable basement and cellars, below the roof and within the outer surface of the main walls of buildings (or the center lines of party walls separating such buildings or portions thereof) or within lines drawn parallel to and two feet within the roof line of any building or portion thereof without walls (which includes, notwithstanding paragraph 3 below, the square footage of all porches), and including pedestrian access walkways or corridors, but excluding the following: