Engagement Level definition

Engagement Level or “Level” means a defined Engagement process under the Engagement Model, as set out in Appendix B;
Engagement Level means the levels described in Table 1 of this Schedule;
Engagement Level means the processes that the Parties will undertake for a given land or resources Application as set out in sections 3 to 8 in the Engagement Process.

Examples of Engagement Level in a sentence

Engagement Level 0 – Information Upon Request A “Forest Stewardship Plan” (FSP) shows areas on a map, called Forest Development Units, where a forest licensee may carry out forest development activities over a period of up to five years.

Figure 9 - Engagement Level 2 - Specialised: Road Permit (RP), Cutting Permit (CP) & Timber Sale Licenses (TSL) Process Map BEST PRACTICES: for Road Permit (RP), Cutting Permit (CP), & Timber Sale Licenses (TSL) (Ref.

GIS Compatible Files A digital survey plan with a GIS compatible digital file, as available, of the proposed activity (e.g. shp file) Maps • overview map • a site-specific map identifying the location and details of the activity Provincial Agency’s (or delegated Applicant’s) Preliminary Engagement Level Determination As determined by the authorization subtype.

Engagement Level 2 – Specialised For more details on specialised timelines for fertilisation consult the Process Map (Figure ) section 10 Tables 5 of Appendix C of the STSA SEA Agreement or Tables Appendix A of Reference Guide.

Forests and Range (Range) Grazing/Hay Cutting Permits - issuance, amendment Engagement Level 1 – Limited A “Grazing permit” allows the holder to graze livestock, under a range use plan, for a term up to 5 years.( Range Act sec 5 ) A “Hay-cutting permit” allows the holder to cut hay, under a range use plan, for a term of one years.( Range Act sec 5 ) Minor Amendment – does not materially change the original permit, or its effect on forest and range tenure holders.

Following the Publication Stage, PRRO staff will commence their detailed analysis of the referral, culminating in the Preliminary Response and confirmation of the Final Engagement Level, or, if directed by the Stó:lō First Nations, the issuance of a notification of Deferral.

Engagement Level 1 – Limited “Old Growth Management Areas” (OGMA) are legally established and spatially defined areas of old growth forest that are identified during landscape unit planning or an operational planning process.

Engagement Level 2 – Standard Government Action Regulations (GAR) exemptions.

When a final Engagement Level for an Application has been established as Engagement Level 4, the Provincial Agency or Delegate and the PRRO and/or Relevant Stó:lō First Nation(s) will undertake the following: a.

Program Themes (Sub Themes) Decision Definitions / Comments Recreation -established site or trail maintenance project (routine day to day maintenance not included) -dis-establish recreation site or trail -protection of recreation resource on Crown land Engagement Level 1 – Limited Protection of Recreation Resource on Crown Land - This refers to FRPA Section 58 (Order) which is sometimes used to restrict recreation activities to protect recreation resources.

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Highest-level owner means the entity that owns or controls an immediate owner of the offeror, or that owns or controls one or more entities that control an immediate owner of the offeror. No entity owns or exercises control of the highest level owner.
Order Level means the price indicated in the Order.