ELECTRONICS STORE means a retail store devoted to the sale of home/office electronics, computers, home appliances, audio- visual equipment, software and other accessories.

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  • We can't make a system designed to help the big and hurt the small.

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  • ELECTRONICS STORE: A retail establishment used for the selling or repairing of consumer electronic products such as home and car stereos, televisions, telephones, and personal computers.


  • Retail Store – means any business facility that sells goods directly to the consumer whether for or not-for-profit, including, but not limited to, retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience and grocery stores, liquor stores, as well as seasonal and temporary businesses.

  • Grocery store means any retail establishment, the business of which consists of the sale of food, food products, or beverages for consumption off the premises.

  • Retail marijuana store means an entity licensed to purchase Retail Marijuana from a Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility and to purchase Retail Marijuana Product from a Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing Facility and to sell Retail Marijuana and Retail Marijuana Product to consumers.

  • Retail tobacco store means a retail store utilized primarily for the sale of tobacco products and accessories and in which the sale of other products is merely incidental.

  • Digital Cross Connect System or "DCS" is a function which provides automated Cross Connection of Digital Signal Level 0 (DS0) or higher transmission bit rate digital channels within physical interface facilities. Types of DCS include but are not limited to DCS 1/0s, DCS 3/1s, and DCS 3/3s, where the nomenclature 1/0 denotes interfaces typically at the DS1 rate or greater with Cross Connection typically at the DS0 rate. This same nomenclature, at the appropriate rate substitution, extends to the other types of DCS specifically cited as 3/1 and 3/3. Types of DCS that cross connect Synchronous Transport Signal level 1 (STS-1 s) or other Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) signals (e.g., STS-3) are also DCS, although not denoted by this same type of nomenclature. DCS may provide the functionality of more than one of the aforementioned DCS types (e.g., DCS 3/3/1 which combines functionality of DCS 3/3 and DCS 3/1). For such DCS, the requirements will be, at least, the aggregation of requirements on the "component" DCS. In locations where automated Cross Connection capability does not exist, DCS will be defined as the combination of the functionality provided by a Digital Signal Cross Connect (DSX) or Light Guide Cross Connect (LGX) patch panels and D4 channel banks or other DS0 and above multiplexing equipment used to provide the function of a manual Cross Connection. Interconnection is between a DSX or LGX to a Switch, another Cross Connection, or other service platform device.

  • Powertrain means the total combination in a vehicle of propulsion energy storage system(s), propulsion energy converter(s) and the drivetrain(s) providing the mechanical energy at the wheels for the purpose of vehicle propulsion, plus peripheral devices.

  • Drug store means a place whose principal business is, the

  • Wireline means a cable containing one or more electrical conductors which is used to lower and raise logging tools in the well-bore.

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  • POS means point of sale.

  • Digital Health has the meaning ascribed to it in the Accountability Agreement and means the coordinated and integrated use of electronic systems, information and communication technologies to facilitate the collection, exchange and management of personal health information in order to improve the quality, access, productivity and sustainability of the healthcare system;

  • Business Systems means all Software, computer hardware (whether general or special purpose), electronic data processing, information, record keeping, communications, telecommunications, networks, interfaces, platforms, servers, peripherals, and computer systems, including any outsourced systems and processes, that are owned or used or held for use in the conduct of the Company Business.

  • ATC means a measure of the transfer capability remaining in the physical transmission network for further commercial activity over and above already committed uses.

  • AMC means Annual Maintenance Contract

  • ATS means an alternative trading system, as defined in Rule 300(a)(1) of Regulation ATS under the Exchange Act.

  • Brands means the Sprint PCS Brands and the Sprint Brands.

  • coronavirus means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);

  • Telecommunications systems means voice, record, and data communications, including management information systems and local data networks that connect to external transmission media, when employed by Government agencies, contractors, and subcontractors to transmit—

  • Outer clothing means clothing that is not worn next to the skin or immediately over a garment that is being worn as underwear but ‘outer clothing’ includes hats; shoes; boots; gloves and scarves.

  • Fireworks means consumer fireworks, display fireworks, and pyrotechnic special effects fireworks;

  • Private Cloud System (PCS) A cloud infrastructure provisioned for exclusive use by a single organization comprising multiple consumers (e.g., business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by the Requester, a third party, or some combination of them, and it may exist on or off premises.

  • Filter means material placed in the useful beam to preferentially absorb selected radiations.

  • foodstuff means any article or substance ordinarily eaten or drunk by humans or purporting to be suitable, or manufactured or sold, for human consumption, and includes any part or ingredient of any such article or substance, or any substance used or intended or destined to be used as a part or ingredient of any such article or substance;

  • Mail order pharmacy means a pharmacy licensed by this

  • Modern Slavery has the meaning given to that term or, if “Modern Slavery” is not used, similar terms (such as forced labor), in the Modern Slavery Laws. Seller confirms that it does not use any Forced Labor, it conducts its business in compliance with the applicable Modern Slavery Laws, and it is not subject to any investigation, enforcement or conviction involving Modern Slavery. Seller shall promptly notify Buyer of any actual or suspected breaches by Seller or its Subcontractors of the applicable Modern Slavery Laws, and Seller agrees to provide Buyer immediately upon request any information and assistance that Buyer may require for compliance with the applicable Modern Slavery Laws.

  • Telecommunications System means a system for conveying visual images, sounds or other information by electronic means;