Definition of EFIH First Lien Note Claim

EFIH First Lien Note Claim means any Secured Claim derived from or based upon the EFIH First Lien Notes.

Examples of EFIH First Lien Note Claim in a sentence

Any Makewhole Claim that is either an EFIH First Lien Note Claim or an EFIH Second Lien Note Claim and which is first Allowed after the EFH Effective Date shall be paid in full, in Cash, by Reorganized EFIH in accordance with Article III.B.19 or III.B.20, as applicable, and such Cash shall not be subtracted from the EFH/EFIH Distribution Account.
Class B1 consists of Other Secured Claims Against the EFIH Debtors, which consist of any Secured Claim against any of the EFIH Debtors, other than an: (a) EFIH First Lien Note Claim; (b) EFIH Second Lien Note Claim; or (c) DIP Claim.