Definition of EchoMetrix Affiliates

EchoMetrix Affiliates means and include any subsidiary of EchoMetrix or any division thereof now existing or formed at any time after the date of this Agreement; any corporation which may merge into or with which EchoMetrix may be merged or consolidated; any corporation or renaming of the Company which may result from any reorganization of EchoMetrix.

Examples of EchoMetrix Affiliates in a sentence

Executive and EchoMetrix also agree that the business of EchoMetrix and the EchoMetrix Affiliates is both national and international in nature due to the utility and methods of distribution of their products.
Accordingly, the competitive use and knowledge of any of such information would substantially and irreparably injure the business, prospects and value of EchoMetrix and the EchoMetrix Affiliates.
In addition to her duties as Chief Financial Officer, Executive shall render, to EchoMetrix and EchoMetrix Affiliates, such other services and duties consistent with Executive's position and status as Chief Financial Officer, as may be designated from time to time by the Board, without any additional remuneration under this Agreement.