SRC definition

SRC means the SRC legal entity as identified on the face of this Contract.

Examples of SRC in a sentence

Securities registered pursuant to Sections 8 and 12 of the SRC, or Sec.

Securities registered pursuant to Sections 8 and 12 of the SRC or Sections 4 and 8 of the RSA11.

SBD shall provide the SRC with annual reports on the level of M/W/BE participation in all contracting activities.

Pursuant to SRC Resolution SRC-2 dated February 21, 2013, the School District’s SRC has adopted a Tax Compliance of Vendors Policy which provides that generally, the SRC will not authorize the award of a School District contract to a firm, business or other legal entity that is delinquent in its payment of City or School District taxes or other indebtedness owed to the City and/or the School District at the time of contract award.

It is the policy of the School District of Philadelphia (the "District") acting through and by the School Reform Commission (the "SRC") to ensure equal opportunity in all contracts let by the District (the "Contracts").

More Definitions of SRC

SRC means the Saskatchewan Resource Credit, which equals:
SRC means the State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (Gosudarstvennaya registratsionnaya palata pri Ministerstve iustitsii Rossiiskoy Federatsii), or any successor thereto.
SRC means Saskatchewan Research Council Geoanalytical Laboratories.
SRC means Sears, Roebuck and Co., a New York corporation.
SRC means the StudentsRepresentative Council.