SRC definition

SRC means the SRC legal entity as identified on the face of this Contract.

Examples of SRC in a sentence

  • Futhermore, under both negative and low positive bias, we observed the electron transfer phenomenon taking place be- tween the GRC and its nearby two Si centre adatoms which is the most distinct characteristic when compared with the SRC on the Si(1 1 1)- (7 × 7) surface.

  • Each SRC consists of a single-transition metal atom surrounded by six Si adatoms, of which three are bridge-bonded with the transition metal atom, and the other three Si atoms are the ‘‘cap atoms’’, each having a single dangling bond [4–6].

  • It asserts that after the coordinator receives a query with SRC as the sensor to be queried, SINK as the requester of the sensor reading, and T as the threshold for reporting the sensor reading, the coordinator will eventually report an above-threshold sensor reading to the requester unless the request is canceled.

  • We assume that within one technology only one type of han-dover procedures will be standardized, such that all subsequent handover are of the same control type.dover procedure, SRC k determines that a handover reason occurred and informs HN.

  • B Validation analysis from UALCAN on the relative mRNA level of BLK, FGR, FYN, HCK LYN, SRC and SRM in normal liver and HCC tissues.

More Definitions of SRC

SRC means the State Registration Chamber under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation (Gosudarstvennaya registratsionnaya palata pri Ministerstve yustitsii Rossiiskoy Federatsii), or any successor thereto.
SRC means a licensed general acute care facility meeting STEMI Receiving Center Standards, which has been designated as a STEMI Receiving Center by COUNTY.
SRC. ’ means the student representative council of the college; 35
SRC means the StudentsRepresentative Council.