East Coast definition

East Coast means the marine area to the south of the parallel of Point Galera.
East Coast means East Coast Fund Management Inc.,
East Coast means East Coast Fund Management Inc., the Portfolio Manager for the East Coast Performance Portfolio.

Examples of East Coast in a sentence

  • Execute for and on behalf of the undersigned, in the undersigned's capacity as an officer and/or director of Florida East Coast Industries, Inc.

  • With demand stoked by demographic trends and supply constrained by economic forces, our Manager believes that East Coast multifamily rental units have displayed strong performance and are expected to be well positioned to see continued low vacancies and healthy rent growth moving forward.

  • This plan was curtailed in January 2004 due to the consolidation of the Company’s East Coast operations, which eliminated the expected future years of service for participants in the plan.

  • Mr. Ellwood currently serves as director of Felcor Lodging Trust, Incorporated and Florida East Coast Industries, Inc.

  • In connection with the Quarterly Report of Florida East Coast Holdings Corp.

  • Popky Chief Financial Officer A signed original of this written statement required by Section 906 has been provided to Florida East Coast Industries, Inc.

  • Insurance coverage may be provided pursuant to a blanket policy or policies maintained by Florida East Coast Industries, Inc.

  • In conducting this offering, such persons of Fundrise East Coast Opportunistic REIT, LLC intend to rely on the exemption from registration contained in Exchange Act Rule 3a4-1.

  • For purposes of this paragraph, the East Coast Office shall mean the people working out of the office of the Corporation located in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area as of the date of this Agreement, and those who subsequently work in at such office as approved by the Corporation as part of the East Coast Office.

  • The East Coast Office shall also include those VARs recruited by and working under the direction of the East Coast Office.

More Definitions of East Coast

East Coast shall have the meaning specified therefor in the preamble hereto.
East Coast means East Coast Asset Management SEZC; “FATCA” means the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act;
East Coast means East Coast Power L.L.C., a Delaware limited liability company."

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