Dissenting Securityholder definition

Dissenting Securityholder means a registered Securityholder who validly exercises its Dissent Rights;
Dissenting Securityholder means a registered PHM Securityholder who has duly and validly exercised the Dissent Rights.
Dissenting Securityholder means a holder of OncoGenex Shares or OncoGenex Debentures who dissents in respect of the Arrangement in strict compliance with the Dissent Procedures;

Examples of Dissenting Securityholder in a sentence

  • If a Dissenting Securityholder ultimately is not entitled to be paid the fair value for their Common Shares or Options, as the case may be, determined in accordance with Section 191 of the ABCA, the Dissenting Securityholder will be deemed to have participated in the Plan of Arrangement as a non-dissenting Securityholder and will, in the case of a Shareholder, be entitled to receive one REIT Unit for each Common Share held at the Effective Time.

  • If any Person who otherwise would be deemed a Dissenting Securityholder shall have failed to perfect or shall have effectively withdrawn or lost the right to dissent with respect to any Company Securities, such Company Securities shall immediately become Non-Election Shares.

  • That accountability is enhanced where those who are responsible for making decisions have the authority to effectuate desired results.

  • No Dissenting Securityholder shall be entitled to any Merger Consideration pursuant to this Article IV unless and until such Person thereof shall have failed to perfect or shall have effectively withdrawn or lost such Person's right to dissent from the Merger under the DGCL, and any Dissenting Securityholder shall be entitled to receive only the payment provided by Section 262 of the DGCL with respect to Company Securities owned by such Dissenting Securityholder.

  • A Dissenting Securityholder who is paid the fair value of the holder's Harvest Securities and Viking Units, shall be deemed to have transferred the holder's Harvest Securities and Viking Units to Harvest, Viking or Operations, as the case may be, for cancellation at the Effective Time, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 191 of the ABCA.

More Definitions of Dissenting Securityholder

Dissenting Securityholder means, as applicable, a Rolling Thunder Securityholder or a Xxx Xxxxx Securityholder who dissents from the Arrangement Resolution in compliance with Section 4.1;
Dissenting Securityholder means a Dissenting Shareholder or a Dissenting Warrantholder;
Dissenting Securityholder means a Securityholder who has duly exercised its Dissent Rights and has not withdrawn or been deemed to have withdrawn such exercise of Dissent Rights, but only in respect of Securities in respect of which Dissent Rights are validly exercised by such Securityholders;
Dissenting Securityholder means, collectively, the Dissenting Shareholders and the Dissenting Warrantholders;
Dissenting Securityholder means an Arrangement Dissenting Securityholder and/or Continuance Dissenting Shareholder, as applicable.
Dissenting Securityholder means a Company Securityholder who has exercised a Dissent Right in accordance with the requirements of the BCBCA and the Interim Order.
Dissenting Securityholder has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.