Digital interaction definition

Digital interaction means communication with and access to any services through any systems and devices.

Examples of Digital interaction in a sentence

  • Week 2: Describe your house telling how many rooms it has, the furniture found in each room, and for what each room serves.

  • Digital interaction does not weigh up to a physical meeting, a hug or touch.

  • Second, the Fed has taken a number of steps to improve the public’s understanding of its policy decisions through an increased emphasis on com- munication and transparency.

  • Digital interaction and communication do, however, also affect competition law analyses and enforcement in markets for tangible goods and traditional services.

  • As described below, companies have also developed entire social media departments— often separate from customer service departments—to use Twitter and Facebook to interact with customers and improve customer service and brand recognition.31 Digital interaction services offer customers a direct line of feedback into a product that they care about, and they in turn provide firms with an inexpensive pool of testers, designers, and consumers.

  • In this section, we use our results to address a key tension in the design of unemployment insurance schemes: that between providing unemployed workers with a comfortable living and incentivising them to accept work if offered it.

  • Information can be collected also through other external sources, as different association publications or by methods of benchmarking.

  • Digital interaction is increasingly replacing face-to-face contact, so we are investing in the quality and further innovation of our (digital) services.

  • Digital interaction firstIn line with the Digital Compass10 objectives, digital channels are the Commission’s preferred way to communicate internally and externally.

  • The acting parties Digital interaction can happen in different layers, not just in social networks or on websites, where users interact and communicate openly with each other and which mainly describes the visible interaction on the front end side.

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  • Wireless means a wireless handheld validation unit used with a supporting Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) as part of an approved gaming system. Amended 1/14/15

  • Digital network means any online-enabled application, software, website or system offered or utilized by a transportation network company that enables the prearrangement of rides with transportation network company drivers.

  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN means a switched network service that provides end-to-end digital connectivity for the simultaneous transmission of voice and data. Basic Rate Interface-ISDN (BRI-ISDN) provides for a digital transmission of two (2) 64 Kbps bearer channels and one (1) 16 Kbps data channel (2B+D).

  • Network pharmacy means any pharmacy that has an agreement to accept our pharmacy allowance for prescription drugs and diabetic equipment/supplies covered under this agreement. All other pharmacies are NON-NETWORK PHARMACIES. The one exception and for the purpose of specialty Prescription Drugs, only specialty pharmacies that have an agreement to accept our pharmacy allowance are network pharmacies and all others pharmacies are non-network pharmacies.

  • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) means a switched network service that provides end-to-end digital connectivity for the simultaneous transmission of voice and data. Basic Rate Interface-ISDN (BRI-ISDN) provides for a digital transmission of two 64 Kbps bearer channels and one 16 Kbps data channel (2B+D).

  • Digital Health has the meaning ascribed to it in the Accountability Agreement and means the coordinated and integrated use of electronic systems, information and communication technologies to facilitate the collection, exchange and management of personal health information in order to improve the quality, access, productivity and sustainability of the healthcare system;

  • Digital Wallet means an electronic payment service that allows you to store a digital version of your Card on a computer or device and make payments using that Digital Card. Digital Wallets may be operated by third party Digital Wallet providers and are available on supported devices.

  • Dialysis solution means either the commercially available, unopened, sterile solutions whose

  • Broadband or “Broadband Service” means any service defined as Broadband, or having advanced telecommunications capability, in the most recent Federal Communications Commission inquiry pursuant to Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (P.L. 104-104).2

  • Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.

  • online interface means any software, including a website, part of a website or an application, that is operated by or on behalf of an economic operator, and which serves to give end users access to the economic operator's products;

  • Comcast means Comcast Corporation, a Pennsylvania corporation.

  • Integrated Digital Loop Carrier means a subscriber loop carrier system that is twenty-four (24) local Loop transmission paths combined into a 1.544 Mbps digital signal which integrates within the switch at a DS1 level.

  • Internet Services means the Services provided to you by us using broadband technology to enable you to gain access to the Internet and certain other Services whether by a personal computer, television or other device;

  • Wireless services means any services, provided using licensed or unlicensed spectrum, including the use of Wi-Fi, whether at a fixed location or mobile.

  • Networking means NSCC’s system that allows mutual funds and life insurance companies to exchange account level information electronically; and “Settling Bank” shall mean the entity appointed by the Trust or you, as applicable, to perform such settlement services on behalf of the Trust and you, as applicable, which entity agrees to abide by NSCC’s then current rules and procedures insofar as they relate to same day funds settlement. In all cases, processing and settlement of share transactions shall be done in a manner consistent with applicable law.

  • Digital Cross Connect System or "DCS" is a function which provides automated Cross Connection of Digital Signal Level 0 (DS0) or higher transmission bit rate digital channels within physical interface facilities. Types of DCS include but are not limited to DCS 1/0s, DCS 3/1s, and DCS 3/3s, where the nomenclature 1/0 denotes interfaces typically at the DS1 rate or greater with Cross Connection typically at the DS0 rate. This same nomenclature, at the appropriate rate substitution, extends to the other types of DCS specifically cited as 3/1 and 3/3. Types of DCS that cross connect Synchronous Transport Signal level 1 (STS-1 s) or other Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) signals (e.g., STS-3) are also DCS, although not denoted by this same type of nomenclature. DCS may provide the functionality of more than one of the aforementioned DCS types (e.g., DCS 3/3/1 which combines functionality of DCS 3/3 and DCS 3/1). For such DCS, the requirements will be, at least, the aggregation of requirements on the "component" DCS. In locations where automated Cross Connection capability does not exist, DCS will be defined as the combination of the functionality provided by a Digital Signal Cross Connect (DSX) or Light Guide Cross Connect (LGX) patch panels and D4 channel banks or other DS0 and above multiplexing equipment used to provide the function of a manual Cross Connection. Interconnection is between a DSX or LGX to a Switch, another Cross Connection, or other service platform device.

  • Channel means a natural or artificial watercourse with a definite bed and banks that conducts flowing water continuously or periodically.

  • IOSCO means the International Organisation of Securities Commissions.

  • rebroadcasting means the simultaneous broadcasting by one broadcasting organisation of the broadcast of another broadcasting organisation.

  • Synchronous interaction means a real-time interaction between a patient and a health care provider for telehealth located at a distant site.

  • Network Services means the equipment, software, and services necessary to transmit voice, data, or video.

  • Cloud Services means SAP’s then-current cloud services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.

  • Direct Marketing ’ means to approach a data subject, either in person or by mail or electronic communication, for the direct or indirect purpose of—

  • Portal means the Private Offerings, Resales and Trading through Automated Linkages system of the NASD.

  • Signal means any transmission of radio frequency energy or of optical information.