Design Modifications definition

Design Modifications means actions invoked to correct a recurring problem, to accommodate changes in conditions, or to update the system to current standards.

Examples of Design Modifications in a sentence

  • Design Modifications: If design modifications are proposed to meet performance requirements and field conditions, notify the Architect and submit design calculations and Shop Drawings.

  • Design Modifications: If design modifications are proposed to meet performance requirements and field conditions, submit design calculations and Shop Drawings.

  • Most Likely NumberOf Punctured Cars Table 12: Effect of Shell and Jacket Design Modifications [12] Another commonly used measure to evaluate the risk of a breach or puncture in the tank car and a corresponding release of crude oil is the Conditional Probability of Release (CPR), which is defined as the probability that release of hazardous material from a railroad tank car will occur given that an accident (e.g., a train derailment or a car-to-car collision) has already occurred.

  • Any project-specific modifications of the standards contained in the Engineering Design Manual regarding the widths of features relating to the movement of vehicles, including but not limited to rights of way, travel lanes, parking lanes, bike lanes, driveway aprons, curb radii, or other such features shall be processed in accordance with the provisions contained in the Section 145 Design Modifications of the Engineering Design Manual.

  • KEN JENKINS: Universal Design Modifications in Affordable Housing Programs: Forwarding correspondence promoting the addition of features of Universal Design to new construction and renovation projects where County funding is involved to create living spaces that are comfortable, convenient, safer and easier for use by everyone.

  • Design Modifications: If design modifications are proposed to meet performance requirements and field conditions, notify the Architect immediately and submit design calculations and drawings.

  • Design Modifications: If design modifications are proposed to meet performance requirements and field conditions, notify the Engineer and submit design calculations and Shop Drawings.

  • We plan on also using the permanent toilet at the recreation access area.

  • During active construction, CDOT will evaluate minor modifications to the Project’s SWMP for conformance with CDOT’s Water Quality Specifications and State and Federal Regulatory Requirements prior to issuance of CDOT issuing corrective action as per MS4 Construction Program Manual, SOP C1: SWMP Design Modifications During Construction.

  • Design Modifications: Design modifications may be made as necessary to meet field conditions and to ensure proper fitting of the work, but only with the prior written approval of the Architect and Engineer for each occurrence.

Related to Design Modifications

  • Major modification means any physical change in or change in the method of operation of a major stationary source that would result in a significant emissions increase of a regulated NSR pollutant and a significant net emissions increase of that pollutant from the major stationary source.

  • Contract Modification means any changes in the terms or provisions of the Contract which are reduced to writing and fully executed by both parties.

  • Permit modification means a revision to a Title V operating permit that cannot be accomplished under the provisions for administrative permit amendments found at rule 567—22.111(455B). A permit modification for purposes of the acid rain portion of the permit shall be governed by the regulations pertaining to acid rain found at rules 567—22.120(455B) to 567—22.147(455B). This definition of “permit modification” shall be used solely for purposes of this chapter governing Title V operating permits.

  • Material Modifications means any modifications to the material related party transactions which were approved by the Audit Committee or Shareholders during the year which will change the complete nature of the transaction and in case of monetary thresholds which is in excess of 10% of the originally approved transaction, in case of exigencies only.

  • Minor modification means a modification that does not significantly alter the nongovernmental function or purpose of the software or is of the type customarily provided in the commercial marketplace.

  • Permitted Modifications As defined in Section 2.02(a) of the Servicing Agreement.

  • Material Modification means any modification to an Interconnection Request that has a material adverse effect on the cost or timing of Interconnection Studies related to, or any Network Upgrades or Local Upgrades needed to accommodate, any Interconnection Request with a later Queue Position.

  • Design Documents means, collectively and as applicable, the Conceptual Design Documents, Schematic Design Documents, the Design Development Documents and the Construction Documents prepared by the Trade Contractor.

  • Design Documentation means all schematics and test, assembly and package documentation relating to the Product, including all design, specification and assembly documentation and data files for Materials, which is necessary for the production, manufacture, qualification, testing and delivery of the Product to be attached as Exhibit A.

  • Modifications shall have the meaning specified in Section 11.1(a) of the Lease.

  • Substantial modification means modification of a relevant source that results in a significant increase in emissions, excluding any change in emissions resulting from by-product recovery. It shall be a matter for the Party to decide whether a modification is substantial or not;

  • Design Manual means the MOHLTC design manual or manuals in effect and applicable to the development, upgrade, retrofit, renovation or redevelopment of the Home or Beds subject to this Agreement.

  • Required Modification shall have the meaning specified in Section 8.1 of the Facility Lease.

  • Permitted Modification shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 4.02.

  • Schematic Design Documents means drawings prepared by the Trade Contractor that illustrate the scale and relationship of the various Trade Contractor Work components and which also contain square footage and volume calculations for the building interior spaces, building exterior spaces, and major architectural and interior finishes.

  • Loan Modification Agreement means a Loan Modification Agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and the Borrower, among the Borrower, the other Loan Parties, one or more Accepting Lenders and the Administrative Agent.

  • Basic Terms Modification means any proposal:

  • PAL major modification means, notwithstanding the definitions for major modification and net emissions increase in 326 IAC 2-2-1, any physical change in or change in the method of operation of the PAL source that causes it to emit the PAL pollutant at a level equal to or greater than the PAL.

  • Investment Strategy Modification means with respect to an Investment Strategy, the Portfolio Administrator makes operational adjustments to the Investment Strategy to ensure that, so far as possible, the basic principles and economic effect of the Investment Strategy are maintained or any material modification to the Investment Strategy or its implementation by the Portfolio Administrator.

  • Change Orders mean changes or modifications to any Construction Contract or any other contract with labor or material suppliers.

  • Plans and Specifications means the plans, drawings and specifications reasonably necessary to properly assess and review proposed Work prior to issuance of any approval that may be required under this Agreement;

  • Construction Drawings means those drawings containing the technical details associated with the design, construction and installation of the Infrastructure;

  • Design Guidelines means the Fernkloof Estate architectural design guidelines to control all aspects of design and landscaping of any development within the Fernkloof Estate dev elopment, as amended from time to t ime in terms of the constitution of the MPOA or as required by the Council , a copy of the current draft which i s av ailable for inspection at the offices of the Association;

  • Cross-Series Modification means a modification involving (i) the Bonds or any agreement governing the issuance or administration of the Bonds, and (ii) the debt securities of one or more other series or any agreement governing the issuance or administration of such other debt securities.

  • Design Development Documents means the Drawings, Specifications and other documents prepared by the Trade Contractor that establish and describe the size and character of the Trade Contractor Work as to architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical systems, graphics and signage, and other elements, and which include typical construction details, equipment layouts and specifications that identify major materials and systems.

  • Design flow means the average annual flow or average daily flow specified in an approved facilities plan or approved plans and specifications, the flow specified in a WPDES permit, or the flow required to meet performance standards.