Denatured ethanol definition

Denatured ethanol means ethanol that is to be blended with gasoline, has been derived from cereal grains, complies with ASTM (American society for testing and materials) international designation D-4806-95b, and may be denatured only as specified in Code of Federal Regulations, Titles 20, 21, and 27. Alcohol and denatured ethanol have the same meaning in this chapter.
Denatured ethanol means fuel grade ethanol in accordance with and meets the requirements of ASTM D4806-04a.
Denatured ethanol means fuel grade ethanol in accordance with and meets the requirements of ASTM D4806-01a dated August 10, 2001.

Examples of Denatured ethanol in a sentence

  • Denatured ethanol neat or ethanol blends containing at least 85% ethanol.

  • Denatured ethanol loading will be directed to vapor combustion unit one (VCU1).

  • Denatured ethanol used as the oxygenate must have the properties set forth in section (a)(2)(D)2.

  • Denatured ethanol imports are necessary to sustain the market in the short term while local production is established.

  • Denatured ethanol that is to be blended with gasoline must be agriculturally derived and must comply with ASTM specification D4806-11a.

  • Denatured ethanol used as the oxygenate must have the properties set forth in section (a)(2)(C)2.a.

  • Denatured ethanol can cause a phenomenon called stress corrosion cracking on large, field-erected tanks and pipes under high stress.

  • Experimental Internal Standards, Extraction Solution, and Diluent Denatured ethanol, nonane, 4-biphenyl carboxylic acid, and ibuprofen were obtained from Sigma- Aldrich (St. Louis, MO).

  • Before that, she routinely refused to order drug test results when documented history of drug use has been before the court and child custody, visitation and decision-making are being decided.

  • Denatured ethanol using certified ethanol denaturant complying with § 1090.275.

More Definitions of Denatured ethanol

Denatured ethanol means a blend of
Denatured ethanol means an agriculturally derived ethyl alcohol for blending with gasolines for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel."; and
Denatured ethanol means ethanol that is to be blended with gasoline, has been derived from cereal grains, complies with American Society of Testing Materials designation D-4806-95b, and may

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