Deal definition

Deal means the distribution of the playing cards to the players and the dealer.
Deal means each separate package or series of packages consisting of one game of instant bingo, pull-tab raffle or seal cards with the same serial number.
Deal means the distribution of playing cards among the players; Eff 10/30/2008

Examples of Deal in a sentence

  • The Government repeated its support for these schemes in the Growth Deal announced in July 2014.

  • On 20 January 2020, the claimant emailed the second respondent about the need for senior lenders’ consent in relation to the proposed intra-group sale and leaseback of properties at the Royal Albert Dock (ABP Investment Deal) that were a fundamental part of the senior lenders’ security package.

  • C.4. Deal Sourcing Capability (15%)Applicants should demonstrate▪ Ability to source proprietary deals▪ Their envisaged approach regarding leading investments vs.

  • Improving the environmental and climate performance of farmers and your business, with a special focus on environmental sustainability, biodiversity and the European Green Deal objectivesExample: Decreasing soil and water pollution and GHG emissions, Soil Degrade,• Economic/Tech Impact: What economic and technological benefits do the services bring to your business, farmers, and society.

  • When a deal is going down, egos are shoved aside … and everyone becomes … Chief Bottle Washer … to help that Team … Seal the Deal.

More Definitions of Deal

Deal means one series of breakopen ticket game cards which have a stated number of winner payouts and a stated amount of the payouts;
Deal means to buy industrial hemp grown in compliance with state or federal law and to sell such
Deal means the distribution of playing cards to the players;
Deal means to sell, dispose of, gift, transfer, assign, mortgage, hold in trust, or otherwise deal with. Does not include the deposit of such securities from certificated form to electronic form or vice a versa.
Deal means each separate package, or series of packages, consisting of one (1) game of pull tabs or tip boards with the same serial number.
Deal means each separate package or series of