Directly definition

Directly means that each room used for living has a heat source (e.g., working radiator; working hot air register; baseboard heat)
Directly means and include participation for the Associate’s own account or as an owner, shareholder, member, partner, director, officer, Associate, creditor, or agent of any other person or organization or through the Associate’s spouse or other family relation, but shall not include a passive investment of not more than two percent of the outstanding stock of a company whose shares are then being regularly traded in open-market brokerage transactions (either on a stock exchange or over-the-counter).

Examples of Directly in a sentence

  • Medical Grounds for assignments worth less than 10% of final grade: Consult Instructor Directly When seeking accommodation on medical grounds for assignments worth less than 10% of the final course grade, the student should contact the instructor directly.

  • Directly attributable costs that are capitalised as part of the software include employee costs and an appropriate portion of relevant overheads.

  • For the purposes of this Form, a Beneficial Owner of a Tenderer is any natural person who ultimately owns or controls the Tenderer by meeting one or more of the following conditions: • Directly or indirectly holding 25% or more of the shares.• Directly or in directly holding 25% or more of the voting rights.• Directly or indirectly having the right to appoint a majority of the board of directors or equivalent governing body of the Tenderer.

  • Directly acknowledging issues raised about the number of homes proposed for the site, one of the main changes made to the application has been to further reduce the total number of homes proposed for the development from 1,250 to 1,050.

  • Orders Issued Directly Under Small Business Reserves (MAR 2020) ( 15 U.S.C. 644(r)).

More Definitions of Directly

Directly means that the guarantee must represent a direct claim on the guarantor;
Directly means by any physical connection or series of connections between the roof water leader and the sanitary sewer system.
Directly or “indirectly” mean:
Directly or “directly interested” means receiving compensation or other benefits personally or to a business or other entity in which the individual has a financial interest or receives other benefits. See 3.16 “Financial interest.” A direct interest exists even when a management position or ownership interest is merely “on paper,” and is not dependent on the exercise of actual authority or the receipt of actual financial benefits from a business or entity;
Directly or "directly interested" means receiving
Directly means by any physical connection or series of connections between rain water lead, storm water leader or ground water drainage system and the sanitary sewer system; and
Directly means providing home health services through salaried employees of the home health agency or through personnel under hourly or per visit contracts or the equivalent. Where an hourly or per visit contract is made, Part V Section H must be followed to ensure adequate control and supervision by the home health agency.