Definition of CVB Average Closing Price

CVB Average Closing Price means the daily closing volume-weighted average price of CVB Common Stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (based on regular way trading) for the ten (10) consecutive Trading Days ending on the fifth (5th) Trading Day before the Closing Date.

Examples of CVB Average Closing Price in a sentence

Section 8.1(f) is hereby amended and restated as follows: (f) By CVB, upon its written notice to Valley within the two (2) Business Days following the Determination Date if the CVB Average Closing Price is less than $11.00.
If CVB declares or effects a stock dividend, reclassification, recapitalization, forward or reverse stock split, or similar transaction between the date of this Agreement and the Determination Date, the prices for the CVB Common Stock used to determine the CVB Average Closing Price shall be appropriately adjusted.