Custodian of the Fund definition

Custodian of the Fund means the treasurer of the state of Connecticut or his designee.
Custodian of the Fund means the Treasurer of the State of Connecticut. “Fiscal Year” means the fiscal year of the State of Connecticut which commences on July 1 and ends on the following June 30.

Examples of Custodian of the Fund in a sentence

  • It shall exercise general supervision over the duties performed by the Investment Company Adviser, Distributor, Transfer Agent and Custodian of the Fund.

  • The financial statements are presented in the Australian currency.The Responsible Entity is incorporated and domiciled in Australia.The Custodian of the Fund is Citigroup Pty Limited who have been appointed since 17 May 2021.The financial statements were authorised for issue by the directors on 17 September 2021.

  • The Custodian of the Fund is RBC Investor Services Trust.The financial statements were authorised for issue by the directors on 22 September 2020.

  • State Street Custodial Services (Jersey) Limited is the Custodian of the Fund.

  • The Custodian of the Fund is Citigroup Pty Limited.The financial statements were authorised for issue by the directors on 21 September 2023.

  • The Trustee may also act as Custodian of the Fund to the extent of its normal business at competitive rates on the terms mutually agreed between the Management Company and the Trustee.

  • The Custodian of the Fund is Citigroup Pty Limited.‌The financial statements were authorised for issue by the directors on 21 September 2022.

  • The Custodian of the Fund is Citigroup Pty Limited.‌‌The financial statements were authorised for issue by the directors on 21 September 2022.

  • The Custodian of the Fund is CRDB Bank Plc, a commercial bank licensed to carry out banking business under the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 2006.

  • The Custodian The Custodian of the Fund is BNP Paribas Securities Services, operating through its Singapore Branch, with its registered address at 20 Collyer Quay, #01-01, Singapore 049319.

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  • Sub-Investment Manager means for each Fund any sub-investment manager or sub-investment managers indicated in the relevant Supplement and any sub-investment manager that the relevant Investment Manager may appoint in the future to manage the Fund, provided that disclosure of any such sub-investment managers appointed by the Investment Managers will be provided to Shareholders upon request and details thereof will be disclosed in the periodic reports to Shareholders, and provided further that each Sub-Investment Manager may appoint a sub-investment manager/advisor to manage/advise any portion of the assets of any Fund to which it has been appointed Sub-Investment Manager in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank Rules;

  • Custodian Account means an account subject to a Custodian Agreement.

  • Exchange Administration Agreement means the exchange administration agreement dated as of the Closing Date between Freddie Mac and the Exchange Administrator.

  • Indian custodian means any Indian person who has legal custody of an Indian child under tribal law or custom or under State law or to whom temporary physical care, custody, and control has been transferred by the parent of such child;

  • Swap Administration Agreement As defined in Section 4.08(b).

  • Custodian Agreement means any Custodian Agreement from time to time in effect between the Custodian named therein and the Trust Collateral Agent, as the same may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof, which Custodian Agreement and any amendments, supplements or modifications thereto shall be acceptable to the Controlling Party (the Custodian Agreement which is effective on the Closing Date is acceptable to the Controlling Party).

  • Custodian bank means as defined in section 515.35.

  • Corporate Trust Contract means any indenture, trust, pooling and servicing, paying agency, collateral or disbursing agency, securities (whether bond, note, debenture or other) registrar, transfer agency or document custody Contracts and all other fiduciary, agency and corporate trust Contracts, including call rights, in each case, in respect of the Appointments.

  • Custodial Agreement An agreement that may be entered into among the Company, the Master Servicer, the Trustee and a Custodian pursuant to which the Custodian will hold certain documents relating to the Mortgage Loans on behalf of the Trustee. Custodian: A custodian appointed pursuant to a Custodial Agreement.

  • Issuer Administration Agreement means that certain issuer administration agreement, dated as of the date hereof, among the Administrator, the Issuer, the Transferor and the Indenture Trustee.

  • Investment Manager or “Manager” shall mean a party furnishing services to the Trust pursuant to any contract described in Section 4.8 hereof;

  • Securities Custodian means the custodian with respect to a Global Security (as appointed by the Depository), or any successor Person thereto and shall initially be the Trustee.

  • Depository Institution Any depository institution or trust company, including the Trustee, that (a) is incorporated under the laws of the United States of America or any State thereof, (b) is subject to supervision and examination by federal or state banking authorities and (c) has outstanding unsecured commercial paper or other short-term unsecured debt obligations that are rated P-1 by Moody's, F1+ by Fitch and A-1 by Standard & Poor's.

  • Repo Custodian shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble of this Agreement.

  • Sub-Custodian means and include (i) any branch of a “U.S. bank,” as that term is defined in Rule 17f-5 under the 1940 Act, and (ii) any “Eligible Foreign Custodian” having a contract with the Custodian which the Custodian has determined will provide reasonable care of assets of the Fund based on the standards specified in Section 3.3 below. Such contract shall be in writing and shall include provisions that provide: (i) for indemnification or insurance arrangements (or any combination of the foregoing) such that the Fund will be adequately protected against the risk of loss of assets held in accordance with such contract; (ii) that the Foreign Securities will not be subject to any right, charge, security interest, lien or claim of any kind in favor of the Sub-Custodian or its creditors except a claim of payment for their safe custody or administration, in the case of cash deposits, liens or rights in favor of creditors of the Sub-Custodian arising under bankruptcy, insolvency, or similar laws; (iii) that beneficial ownership for the Foreign Securities will be freely transferable without the payment of money or value other than for safe custody or administration; (iv) that adequate records will be maintained identifying the assets as belonging to the Fund or as being held by a third party for the benefit of the Fund; (v) that the Fund’s independent public accountants will be given access to those records or confirmation of the contents of those records; and (vi) that the Fund will receive periodic reports with respect to the safekeeping of the Fund’s assets, including, but not limited to, notification of any transfer to or from a Fund's account or a third party account containing assets held for the benefit of the Fund. Such contract may contain, in lieu of any or all of the provisions specified in (i)-(vi) above, such other provisions that the Custodian determines will provide, in their entirety, the same or a greater level of care and protection for Fund assets as the specified provisions.

  • Canadian Investment Manager designation means the designation earned through the Canadian investment manager program prepared and administered by CSI Global Education Inc. and so named on the day this Instrument comes into force, and every program that preceded that program, or succeeded that program, that does not have a significantly reduced scope and content when compared to the scope and content of the first-mentioned program;

  • National City Servicing Agreement Solely with respect to the National City Mortgage Loans, the Master Seller’s Warranties and Servicing Agreement, dated as of October 1, 2001, between the Transferor and National City, as the same may be amended from time to time, and any assignments and conveyances related to the National City Mortgage Loans.

  • Investment Management Agreement means the Investment Management Agreement made

  • Securities Depository Nominee means, as to any Securities Depository, such Securities Depository or the nominee of such Securities Depository in whose name there shall be registered on the registration books maintained by the Registrar the Bond certificates to be delivered to and immobilized at such Securities Depository during the continuation with such Securities Depository of participation in its book-entry system. Cede & Co. shall serve as the initial Securities Depository Nominee hereunder.

  • Custodian means any receiver, trustee, assignee, liquidator or similar official under any Bankruptcy Law.

  • Collateral Administration Agreement An agreement dated as of the Closing Date among the Issuer, the Collateral Manager and the Collateral Administrator, as amended from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof.

  • DTC Custodian means the custodian of the DTC Notes on behalf of DTC, which initially shall be the Global Agent.

  • Authorized Bank Account means any Officially Designated bank account to which redemption proceeds may be sent.

  • Asset Management Company/UTI AMC/AMC/Investment Manager means the UTI Asset Management Company Limited incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, (1 of 1956) [replaced by The Companies Act, 2013 (No.18 of 2013)] and approved as such by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) under sub-regulation (2) of Regulation 21 to act as the Investment Manager to the schemes of UTI Mutual Fund.

  • central securities depository or ‘CSD’ means a central securities depository as defined in point (1) of Article 2(1) of Regulation (EU) No 909/2014.

  • Subcustodian means a bank (including any branch thereof) or other financial institution (other than a Foreign Depository) located outside the U.S. which is utilized by Custodian in connection with the purchase, sale or custody of Securities hereunder and identified to the Fund from time to time, and their respective successors and nominees.