Current Issuer definition

Current Issuer means Granite Mortgages 03-3 plc.
Current Issuer means Granite Mortgages 03-2 plc.
Current Issuer means Granite Mortgages 04-2 plc;

Examples of Current Issuer in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding Section 7, Party A hereby agrees and consents to the assignment by way of security by Party B of its interests under this Agreement (without prejudice to, and after giving effect to, any contractual netting provision contained in this Agreement) to the Note Trustee (or any successor thereto) pursuant to and in accordance with the Current Issuer Deed of Charge and acknowledges notice of such assignment.

  • The Current Issuer will treat the Notes as indebtedness for U.S. federal income tax purposes.

  • Terms not defined herein have the meaning ascribed to such terms in the Current Issuer Conditions.

  • The Global Note Certificates shall be printed or typewritten and shall be in the form or substantially in the respective forms set out in Schedule 1 (Forms of Global Note Certificates) and may be a facsimile which the Current Issuer shall deposit with the DTC Custodian or the Common Depositary, as the case may be.

  • Whenever there shall be more than two trustees hereof, the majority of such trustees shall (provided such majority includes a trust corporation) be competent to execute and exercise all the trusts, powers, authorities and discretions vested by these presents and any of the other Current Issuer Transaction Documents in the Note Trustee generally.

  • Whenever any property is to be released from the security constituted by the Current Issuer Deed of Charge, the Current Issuer shall also furnish to the Note Trustee an Officer's Certificate certifying or stating the opinion of each person signing such certificate that in the opinion of such person the proposed release will not impair the security under the Current Issuer Deed of Charge in contravention of the provisions hereof.

  • The Current Issuer may fix a record date for the purposes of any Meeting or any resumption thereof following its adjournment for want of a quorum provided that such record date is not more than 10 days prior to the time fixed for such Meeting or (as the case may be) its resumption.

  • The Global Note Certificates so executed and authenticated shall be binding and valid obligations of the Current Issuer, notwithstanding that such duly authorised person no longer holds that office at the time the Registrar authenticates the relevant Global Note Certificate.

  • The Global Note Certificates shall be issued only in registered form without coupons or talons and signed manually or in facsimile by a person duly authorised by the Current Issuer on behalf of the Current Issuer and the Current Issuer shall procure that the Global Note Certificates shall be authenticated by or on behalf of the Registrar on the Closing Date.

  • No person shall be entitled to vote at any Meeting in respect of Current Issuer Notes held by, for the benefit of, or on behalf of, the Current Issuer or the Borrowers.

More Definitions of Current Issuer

Current Issuer means Granite Mortgages 02-2 plc, a company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of England and Wales, registered number 4482804;
Current Issuer means Granite Mortgages 03-1 plc, a company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of England and Wales, registered number 4598035;
Current Issuer. ' means Granite Mortgages 02-2 plc;
Current Issuer has the meaning assigned to such term in Condition 13 (Issuer Substitution).
Current Issuer means Granite Mortgages 04-1 plc, a company incorporated with limited liability under the laws of England and Wales, registered number 4959572;

Related to Current Issuer

  • L/C Issuer means Bank of America in its capacity as issuer of Letters of Credit hereunder, or any successor issuer of Letters of Credit hereunder.

  • SEC issuer means an issuer that

  • NIM Issuer The entity established as the issuer of the NIM Securities.

  • Event Issue Value means, with respect to any Common Unit as of any date of determination, (i) in the case of a Revaluation Event that includes the issuance of Common Units pursuant to a public offering and solely for cash, the price paid for such Common Units, or (ii) in the case of any other Revaluation Event, the Closing Price of the Common Units on the date of such Revaluation Event or, if the General Partner determines that a value for the Common Unit other than such Closing Price more accurately reflects the Event Issue Value, the value determined by the General Partner.

  • Ballot issue means a question that has been approved to be placed before the voters or is otherwise required by law to be placed before the voters. “Ballot issue” does not include the nomination or election of a candidate.

  • First Issue Date means the date on which the Issuer issues a Series of Covered Bonds for the first time pursuant to the Programme;

  • Right Issue means an offer of shares open for a period fixed by the directors to holders of shares of the Company or any class thereof on the register on a fixed record date in proportion to their then holdings of such shares or class thereof (subject to such exclusions or other arrangements as the directors may deem necessary or expedient in relation to fractional entitlements or having regard to any restrictions or obligations under the laws of any relevant jurisdiction or the requirements of any recognized regulatory body or any stock exchange).”

  • Senior Bank Debt means the Indebtedness (including letters of credit) outstanding under the Credit Facility as such agreement may be restated, further amended, supplemented or otherwise modified or replaced from time to time hereafter, together with any refunding or replacement of such Indebtedness.

  • Net Issuance Proceeds means, in respect of any issuance of debt or equity, cash proceeds (including cash proceeds as and when received in respect of non-cash proceeds received or receivable in connection with such issuance), net of underwriting discounts and reasonable out-of-pocket costs and expenses paid or incurred in connection therewith in favor of any Person not an Affiliate of a Borrower.

  • Senior Unsecured Notes means, collectively, the: (a) 6.50% Senior Notes due 2016, issued in the original principal amount of $214,800,000 pursuant to the 6.50% Senior Unsecured Notes Indenture; and (b) 5.75% Senior Notes due 2017, issued in the original principal amount of $750,000,000 pursuant to the 5.75% Senior Unsecured Notes Indenture.

  • Bridge Notes means the series of notes, of which this Note is a part, dated on or about the date hereof, each of which are identical, other than the date of the Note, identity of the Holder and principal amount of this Note.

  • Co-Issuer means the Person named as the “Co-Issuer” in the first paragraph of this Indenture, until a successor Person shall have become such pursuant to the applicable provisions of this Indenture, and thereafter “Co-Issuer” shall mean such successor Person.

  • Existing Senior Subordinated Notes means the Company’s existing 8% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2015.

  • Credit Facility Agent means the then acting Agent as defined in and under the Credit Facility or any successor thereto.

  • Senior Subordinated Notes means $200,000,000 in aggregate principal amount of the Borrower’s 10.75% senior subordinated notes due 2016.

  • Second Lien Notes has the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.

  • Convertible Notes has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.

  • Credit Agreement Agent means, at any time, the Person serving at such time as the “Agent” or “Administrative Agent” under the Credit Agreement or any other representative then most recently designated in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Credit Agreement, together with its successors in such capacity.

  • Existing Notes means, collectively, the Existing Senior Guaranteed Notes and the Existing Senior Notes.

  • Junior Subordinated Debentures means the aggregate principal amount of the Depositor's ____% Junior Subordinated Deferrable Interest Debentures, due ________ __, 2027, issued pursuant to the Indenture.

  • Junior Subordinated Notes means the $__________ aggregate principal amount of the Depositor's Series __ ____% Junior Subordinated Notes due ____ __, ____, issued pursuant to the Subordinated Indenture.

  • Second Lien Notes Trustee “Second Lien Noteholder”, “High Yield Agent”, “HY Borrower”, “High Yield Creditor”, “High Yield Lender”, “Unsecured Agent”, “Unsecured Lender”, “Security Agent”, “Security Grantor”, “Senior Agent”, “Senior Arranger”, “Senior Borrower”, “Senior Creditor”, “Senior Guarantor”, “Senior Lender”, “Senior Secured Notes Guarantor”, “Senior Secured Notes Issuer”, “Senior Secured Notes Trustee”, “Senior Secured Noteholder”, “Subordinated Creditor”, “Permitted Affiliate Parent”, the “Company” or any other person shall be construed so as to include its successors in title, permitted assigns and permitted transferees and, in the case of the Security Agent, any person for the time being appointed as Security Agent or Security Agents in accordance with this Agreement;

  • L/C Issuers means (i) Bank of America, (ii) any other Lender in its capacity as issuer of Letters of Credit hereunder who has been selected by GFI and who has agreed to be an L/C Issuer hereunder in accordance with the terms hereof and (iii) any successor issuer of Letters of Credit hereunder appointed in accordance with the terms hereof, and “L/C Issuer” means any one of them.

  • Senior Subordinated Notes Indenture means the Indenture, dated as of July 17, 2012, under which the Senior Subordinated Notes were issued, among the Borrower and the Restricted Subsidiaries party thereto and the trustee named therein from time to time, as in effect on the Closing Date and as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the requirements thereof and of this Agreement.

  • Senior Subordinated Note Indenture the Indenture entered into by the Borrower and certain of its Subsidiaries in connection with the issuance of the Senior Subordinated Notes, together with all instruments and other agreements entered into by the Borrower or such Subsidiaries in connection therewith, as the same may be amended, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with Section 7.9.

  • Senior Credit Facility shall include any agreement (i) changing the maturity of any Indebtedness Incurred thereunder or contemplated thereby, (ii) adding Subsidiaries of the Company as additional borrowers or guarantors thereunder, (iii) increasing the amount of Indebtedness Incurred thereunder or available to be borrowed thereunder or (iv) otherwise altering the terms and conditions thereof.