Cured definition

Cured means eliminated and having no effect on the pet so that the pet is fully restored to normal health without any treatment or management.
Cured means a process of removing moisture from marijuana under controlled environmental conditions so the moisture content is 15 percent or less.¶

Examples of Cured in a sentence

  • Other Cured products shall be processed in accordance with the relevant Standard as availed by the Uganda National Bureau of Standard like Dried and dried- salted Fish US 920: 2012, Powdered Silver Cyprinid(Mukene) US 780: 2012, Frozen Fish Fillets US EAS 831:2015, Quick frozen finfish, eviscerated or uneviscerated, Dried Silver Cyprinid (Mukene) US 919: 2012.

  • Cured specimens were immersed into a 3% aqueous sodium chloride solution.

More Definitions of Cured

Cured or "cured meat" means a product with added curing agents (i.e. nitrites or nitrates);
Cured means the point at which a Pet is free from a condition, with no further symptoms present or Treatment required.
Cured means, with respect to any Collateral Shortfall, that Borrower shall have caused the LTV Ratio (determined based on the Reference Price as in effect on the date that such Collateral Shortfall occurred) to be less than or equal to the LTV Maintenance Level pursuant to Section 2.06(c).
Cured means, with respect to a party’s conduct, that within the applicable time period, its effect is reversed, to the extent it is capable of being reversed, and the conduct ceases to continue; provided, however, that conduct shall be deemed to be unable to be “cured” if such conduct has had or would have, individually or in the aggregate, a material adverse effect on the Company and its subsidiaries, taken as a whole.
Cured means that for a TAGGED Company SLA subject to a Service Charge Withhold, Company has (1) provided all information required by the TAGGED Company SLA (even though the required deadline(s) was/were missed) or remedied the content deficiency(ies), as the case may be, for the reporting period(s) for which the information was due, and (2) met all requirements of the TAGGED Company SLA in the subsequent reporting period. The Reinsurer may agree in writing or the JMC may determine that it is not necessary for Company to remedy a deficiency which remains outstanding if fulfillment of the requirements of the TAGGED Company SLA in the current reporting period is adequate for the purposes of the Reinsurer.
Cured shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3(e)(iv).
Cured shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.13(e).