CP definition

CP means SFMTA Contracts and Procurement.
CP means the Conversion Price in effect on the date on which the Corporation receives the Redemption Notice;

Examples of CP in a sentence

  • At C&P Electrical, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

  • The property insurance is to be endorsed to include Legal Liability Coverage (ISO Form CP 00 40 04 02 or equivalent) with a limit equal to the replacement cost of the leased property.

  • C&P Electrical Systems, LLC possesses extensive experience in handling both large-scale and small-scale projects.

  • This line is per final and conclusive determination for HPS Phase 2 CP housing obligation in umbrella line 21 source for the $3.5 million for predevelopment expenses is existing bond proceeds.

  • Submit a Change Proposal (CP) to the Designer for Contractor initiated changes in the Contract Documents or in response to a Request for Change Proposal.

More Definitions of CP

CP is set forth in Section 1.06(a), in dollars per kW-year.
CP means the Conversion Rate in effect on the date of redemption (the "Cap Redemption Date") specified in the notice from the Holder electing this remedy; and
CP means a cutting permit;
CP means the person who signs this Contract with BT and is a person who provides a Public Electronic Communications Network;
CP means the conversion price in effect on the date of redemption (the "Redemption Date") specified in the notice from the holder of the Unconverted Preferred Stock electing this remedy; and
CP is the actual closing price of the Common Stock on the first trading day after the Lock-Up expires;
CP means the most recent version of the IdenTrust Global Common Certificate Policy posted by IdenTrust to the Repository, which may be amended from time to time by IdenTrust in its sole discretion.