Southern definition

Southern means The Southern Company.
Southern. “SU” or “SUG”; provided, however, that Buyer shall be entitled to copies of any such excluded materials, and shall be entitled to use any such excluded materials provided that Buyer covers or removes such retained names from such materials;

Examples of Southern in a sentence

  • There is an equally clear coincidence of low decommodification and utilitarianism in the Anglo–Saxon liberal model (UK) and in the Southern European welfare states (Italy and Spain).

  • The parties agree that all suits, actions, proceedings, litigation, disputes, or claims relating to or arising out of this Agreement shall be filed and tried in the Superior or Circuit Court, as appropriate, of Xxxxxx County, Indiana, or the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana.

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia, Virginia Passenger Rail Authority, CSX Transportation, Inc., Norfolk Southern Railway Company, and National Railroad Passenger Corporation are to be named as an additional insured on a primary, non-contributory basis.

  • Give geographic coordinates in decimal degrees; latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere and longitudes in the Western Hemisphere should be denoted with a minus sign (example: Latitude 38.123456 Longitude: -77.123456).

  • Comments at 1; National Rural Electric Cooperative Association Reply at 1; New York Power Authority Reply at 2; Sensus Comments at 3; Sonim Comments at 1; Southern California Edison Comments at 3, 5-6; Southern California Edison Reply at 1-2; Southern Company Services, Inc.

More Definitions of Southern

Southern means Southern Insurance Company of Virginia; and
Southern means Southern Company.
Southern means Southern Producer Services, L.P.