the City definition

the City means the City of London;

Examples of the City in a sentence

The certifications, disclosures, and acknowledgments contained in this EDS will become part of any contract or other agreement between the Applicant and the City in connection with the Matter, whether procurement, City assistance, or other City action, and are material inducements to the City's execution of any contract or taking other action with respect to the Matter.

In the event of changes, the Disclosing Party must supplement this EDS up to the time the City takes action on the Matter.

To the best of the Disclosing Party's knowledge after reasonable inquiry, the following is a complete list of all gifts that the Disclosing Party has given or caused to be given, at any time during the 12-month period preceding the execution date of this EDS, to an employee, or elected or appointed official, of the City of Chicago.

Remedies at law for a false statement of material fact may include incarceration and an award to the City of treble damages.

Failure to comply with these disclosure requirements may make any contract entered into with the City in connection with the Matter voidable by the City.

More Definitions of the City

the City means the City of New York.
the City means the particular city for which a particular housing authority is created;
the City means the City of Los Angeles.
the City means the City of Leeds;
the City means the City of Perth.