Continuing Lender definition

Continuing Lender means with respect to any event described in Section 2.08(b), a Lender which is not a Retiring Lender, and “Continuing Lenders” means any two or more of such Continuing Lenders.
Continuing Lender as defined in Section 2.17(a).
Continuing Lender has the meaning specified in Section 2.21(a).

Examples of Continuing Lender in a sentence

  • Upon such assignment, the Non-Extending Lender shall no longer be a Lender, such Replacement Lender shall become a Continuing Lender, and the Agent shall make appropriate entries in the Register to reflect the foregoing.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event that a Letter of Credit is extended beyond the Revolving Termination Date in accordance with Section 3.1(a), the obligations of an L/C Participant that is not a Continuing Lender shall terminate on the Revolving Termination Date (without regard to such extension).

  • To the extent that a Continuing Lender has Existing Loans in an amount which exceeds the amount of its Loans to be outstanding under the New Facility on the Effective Date, such Lender shall be deemed to have made available all of its Loans under the New Facility required to be made on the Effective Date and shall be repaid a portion of its Existing Loans equal to such excess amount, if any, as provided in Paragraph 4.

  • Each Lender may, by an irrevocable notice (a "Consent Notice") to the Administrative Agent at any time during the Consent Period, consent to such extension, which consent may be given or withheld by each Lender in its absolute and sole discretion (each Lender giving a Consent Notice during the Consent Period being called a "Continuing Lender").

  • Evidence that each Continuing Lender shall have, as of the Restatement Effective Date, received payment in full of all accrued and unpaid interest, facility fees and LC participation fees owing to such Lender under the Existing Credit Facility and the Borrowings and other adjustments to the Loans described in Section 2.02(e) shall have occurred.

More Definitions of Continuing Lender

Continuing Lender has the meaning set forth in Section 2.8(b).
Continuing Lender as defined in Section 2.7.
Continuing Lender means each Original Lender that has delivered a Lender Consent Letter agreeing to convert all of the Original Term Loans made by such Original Lender to Tranche C Term Loans.
Continuing Lender means with respect to any event described in Section 2.08(b), a Lender which is not a Retiring Lender, and “Continuing Lenders” means any two or more of such Continuing Lenders. “Corporation” means a corporation, association, company, joint stock company, limited liability company, partnership or business trust. “Corresponding Tenor” with respect to any Available Tenor means, as applicable, either a tenor (including overnight) or an interest payment period having approximately the same length (disregarding business day adjustment) as such Available Tenor. “Debt” of any Person means, without duplication, (i) all obligations of such Person for borrowed money, (ii) all obligations of such Person evidenced by bonds, debentures, notes or similar instruments, (iii) all Guarantees by such Person of Debt of others, (iv) all Capital Lease Obligations and Synthetic Leases of such Person, (v) all obligations of such Person in respect of Interest Rate Protection Agreements, foreign currency exchange agreements or other interest or exchange rate hedging arrangements (the amount of any such obligation to be the net amount that would be payable upon the acceleration, termination or liquidation thereof), but only to the extent that such net obligations exceed $75,000,000 in the aggregate and (vi) all obligations of such Person as an account party in respect of letters of credit and bankersacceptances; provided, however, that “Debt” of such Person does not include (a) obligations of such Person under any installment sale, conditional sale or title retention agreement or any other agreement relating to obligations for the deferred purchase price of property or services, (b) obligations under agreements relating to the purchase and sale of any commodity, including any power sale or purchase agreements, any commodity hedge or derivative (regardless of whether any such transaction is a “financial” or physical transaction),
Continuing Lender means, at any time, (i) each Lender which has a Maturity Date which is the Facility Maturity Date and (ii) each Lender which has then consented to the extension of its then Maturity Date to the newly proposed Facility Maturity Date pursuant to Section 1.13 on or prior to the respective first Extension Response Date in circumstances where Continuing Lenders (as defined in preceding clause (i)) holding at least a majority of the Commitments have not consented to an extension of the Facility Maturity Date on or prior to such date.
Continuing Lender is defined in Section 2.3.1.
Continuing Lender means a Continuing U.S. Tranche A Lender, a Continuing U.S. Tranche B Lender, a Continuing Foreign Tranche A Lender, a Continuing Foreign Tranche B Lender, a Continuing U.S. Revolving Lender, a Continuing Foreign Revolving Lender and/or a Continuing Canadian Revolving Lender, as applicable.