Contingent Purchase Price definition

Contingent Purchase Price has the meaning set forth in Section 2.5.
Contingent Purchase Price has the meaning given in Section 3.2(a).
Contingent Purchase Price shall have the meaning set forth in EXHIBIT K of the Agreement.

Examples of Contingent Purchase Price in a sentence

  • Management has accrued CPC Waneta’s share of the following large obligations in WELP relating to construction that will require contributions from CPC Waneta:• Promissory note for $72 million payable to WEPC on April 16, 2019: CPC Waneta’s share of the promissory note of $23.4 million is being recorded in CPC Waneta (see note 30 – Events after the reporting period).• Contingent Purchase Price of $20 million payable to WEPC 90 days post Final Acceptance.

  • A Happy Communities Index to report on the conditions for well-being at various geographical levels across Gwent.

  • Three types of boundary conditions are considered hereafter for the equations of mass and momentum conservation: prescribed water depth, prescribed discharge and prescribed stage-discharge relationship.

  • Contingent Purchase Price payable from WELP to WEPCDescribed in note 4 under WEPC, Final Acceptance of the WAX project was achieved on April 1, 2018, underCOLUMBIA POWER CORPORATIONNOTES TO THE CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTSYear Ended March 31, 2019 (Tabular amounts in thousands) the terms of the agreement, a Contingent Purchase Price is payable of $20 million.

  • Investment prior to and in Waneta Expansion Limited Partnership (WELP) (continued):Promissory Note payable and Contingent Purchase Price payable become due.

More Definitions of Contingent Purchase Price

Contingent Purchase Price means the amount as calculated by the procedure set forth in Exhibit K attached hereto.
Contingent Purchase Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.03(a).
Contingent Purchase Price is defined in Section 2.2.
Contingent Purchase Price means, at any time, with respect to any Purchased Asset, an amount equal to the difference between (x) the product obtained by multiplying (i) the Market Value of such Purchased Asset at such time by (ii) the applicable Purchase Percentage minus (y) the Aggregate Purchase Price paid by the Buyers hereunder in respect of such Purchased Asset prior to such date.
Contingent Purchase Price means the sum of the Contingent Device Purchase Price plus the Contingent Rent Purchase Price; provided, however, in no event shall this amount be less than zero.
Contingent Purchase Price as defined in Section 1.4(a)(i).
Contingent Purchase Price means the contingent payments set forth in Section 2.5.3.