Consider definition

Consider means that the scenario should be considered and mitigation strategies should be developed on a case-by-case basis. The Vessel Security Plan may contain the scenario(s) evaluated, the results of the evaluation, and the reason mitigation measures were or were not chosen.
Consider means to view attentively; to fix the mind on, with a view of careful examination; to think on with care; to ponder. (Gonzales v. Interinsurance Exchange (1978) 84 Cal.App.3d 58, 63.)

Examples of Consider in a sentence

  • Consider a money demand function that takes the form (M/P)d = Y/4i, where M is the quantity of money, P is the price level, Y is real output, and i is the nominal interest rate.

  • Offer all employees job application, interview and other support as needed.2. Consider the need for appropriate support and training to re-skill employees in new working methods.3. Ensure that all appropriate reasonable adjustments are made for disabled employees as required during and after the restructure process.4. Sign posting staff to appropriate forums (BME, LGBT, women, disability and carers)5.

  • Risk AssessmentConsequences of a hazard occurring without control measuresResidual Risk AssessmentConsequences of a hazard occurring following implementation of control measuresHazard / RiskList all hazards below and/or use the provided list.• Consider: What can happen, how it can happen given a number of different circumstances, or in conjunction with another mishap.

  • Smith) Documents: REFUSE PACKET.PDF 11.J. Consider For The Approval Allowing The Fleet Facility To Purchase The Listed Service Vehicle(S) And Associated Equipment From Silsbee Ford Through Buy Board, For A Total Price Of $37,785 Which Will Be Funded From The Vehicle Capital Outlay Account.

  • Consider press releases, social media to advertise information on SCDP grant application.

More Definitions of Consider

Consider would insurer have otherwise issued the policy (Pan Atlantic) § The relevant time for whether it would alter insurer’s thinking is at the time the insurance policy was taken out (Xxxxxxxx v Sun Alliance) o It is irrelevant that the matter later turns out to be based on an erroneous belief, if it is relevant to the risk it must still be disclosed (Xxxxxx v Govt Insurance) o Examples: § Romanian nationality for burglary insurance should have been disclosed (Xxxxx v Poland) § Conviction after policy taken out not relevant as still would have taken out (Xxxxxxxx) § Prior criminal convictions should have been disclosed (Antolovich) § Failure to disclose belief kids were stealing despite erroneous (Xxxxxx v Govt Insurance)
Consider means to think carefully about (something), typically before making a decision” and “regard (someone or something) as having a specified quality.” Ambiguity results from the use of “may,” which may refer toweak possibility in the present or future,” with consider. “May be considered” is the present tense, passive voice construction.
Consider means it is necessary to think about something, but not a requirement to include it. “Take into account” means to think about something and then include it.
Consider means, with respect to an Acquisition Opportunity, the earliest to occur of the following events with respect to such Acquisition Opportunity: (i) (A) if such Acquisition Opportunity is considered in connection with a formal auction thereof, five days before the Company places a indicative bid with respect to such matter, or (B) if such Acquisition Opportunity is considered in circumstances other than under clause (A), five days before the date on which the Company makes a written offer with respect to such Acquisition Opportunity, (ii) five days before the date on which board materials discussing such Acquisition Opportunity are delivered to the Board and (iii) the date on which the Board is first informed at a meeting that the Company is paying substantive attention to an Acquisition Opportunity. The termsConsidering” and “Considered” have correlative meanings.
Consider performance” means any acoustic representation of a work or any visual representation of any dramatic work, including a representation made by means of any mechanical instrument or by radio communication.
Consider here means more than mentally contemplate. It is in the other English sense of giving someone ‘a consideration’, i.e. sharing some good fortune with them.