Consider definition

Consider means a reasonable judgment based on job related criteria and on an individual's fitness for duties for initial or internal appointment.
Consider means that the scenario should be considered and mitigation strategies should be developed on a case-by-case basis. The Vessel Security Plan may contain the scenario(s) evaluated, the results of the evaluation, and the reason mitigation measures were or were not chosen.
Consider means to view attentively; to fix the mind on, with a view of careful examination; to think on with care; to ponder. (Gonzales v. Interinsurance Exchange (1978) 84 Cal.App.3d 58, 63.)

Examples of Consider in a sentence

  • Consider computational errors and omissions to enable proper comparison of all eligible bids.

  • Consider how much of a loss you could afford to take in a short period of time.

  • Consider the results of the testing of internal control in assessing the risk of noncompliance.

  • Consider the individual concentration ofeach component to assess toxicological effects resulting from exposure to the mixture.

  • Consider pressure relief device(s) in gas installations.Ensure the complete gas system was (or is regularily) checked for leaks before use.

More Definitions of Consider

Consider means to actively and in good faith seek the stated objectives of purchasing recycled content or environmentally preferable products.
Consider would insurer have otherwise issued the policy (Pan Atlantic) § The relevant time for whether it would alter insurer’s thinking is at the time the insurance policy was taken out (Xxxxxxxx v Sun Alliance) o It is irrelevant that the matter later turns out to be based on an erroneous belief, if it is relevant to the risk it must still be disclosed (Xxxxxx v Govt Insurance) o Examples: § Romanian nationality for burglary insurance should have been disclosed (Xxxxx v Poland) § Conviction after policy taken out not relevant as still would have taken out (Xxxxxxxx) § Prior criminal convictions should have been disclosed (Antolovich) § Failure to disclose belief kids were stealing despite erroneous (Xxxxxx v Govt Insurance)
Consider means to think over; it connotes that there should be active application of the mind. In other words, the term “consider” postulates consideration of all the relevant aspects of the matter. A plain reading of the relevant provision suggests that the State Government may publish the modifications only after consideration that such modifications have become necessary. The word “necessary” means indispensable, requisite, indispensably requisite, useful, incidental or conducive, essential, unavoidable, impossible to be otherwise, not to be avoided, inevitable.
Consider finding means that the background check revealed the existence of certain information that the BRF should review and consider whether the applicant is suitable for the BRF’s employment or volunteer assignment. Individuals who are subject to disqualification under a “consider” finding may challenge the accuracy of the reported information reported by the background check vendor. Any disqualified individual has the right to dispute the findings of the background check directly with the BRF’s approved background check vendor. We are required by this process to accept the findings of our approved background check vendor.
Consider means it is necessary to think about something, but not a requirement to include it. “Take into account” means to think about something and then include it.
Consider is “λογιζομαι” and means to “compute, to calculate, to reason, to consider.”
Consider in general, means ‘to think about carefully” or “to think of especially with regard to taking some action.” Consider Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, http://www.merriam-