waste water definition

waste water means used water containing substances or objects that is subject to regulation by national law.
waste water means used water that has not been polluted by soil water or industrial effluent, but does not include stormwater;
waste water means any water containing sewage or industrial waste or other pollutants or contaminants derived from the prior use of the water.

More Definitions of waste water

waste water means used water not contaminated by spill water or industrial effluent and shall not include storm water;
waste water means used water, not being soil water, trade effluent or storm water.
waste water means water which has been used for domestic, commercial, agricultural, trading or industrial purposes and as a result of such uses may cause water pollution when discharged into the aquatic environment;
waste water means liquid waste of a nonexcremental nature but does not include storm water;
waste water means any water after it has been fouled by a variety of uses and which constitutes a combination of liquid and water carried wastes, emanating from residences, toilets, kitchens, laundries, laboratories and workshops. Application
waste water means discharges of pool water resulting from pool drainage or backwash.