Company Representations definition

Company Representations means the representations and warranties made by the Borrower with respect to the Borrower, its subsidiaries and their respective businesses in the Acquisition Agreement as are material to the interests of the Lenders, but only to the extent that the Borrower (or one of its Affiliates) has the right (taking into account any applicable cure provisions) to terminate its obligations under the Acquisition Agreement (or otherwise decline to consummate the Acquisition without any liability) as a result of a breach of such representations and warranties in the Acquisition Agreement.

Examples of Company Representations in a sentence

  • The Company Representations are the exclusive representations and warranties made by the Company.

  • Except for the Company Representations neither the Company nor any of its Affiliates or Representatives or any other Person has made or makes any other express or implied representation or warranty, either written or oral, on behalf of the Company, to the accuracy or completeness of any information regarding the Company or the Assets available to the other parties or their respective Representatives and expressly disclaims any such other representations or warranties.

More Definitions of Company Representations

Company Representations has the meaning specified in Section 4.03(c)(i).
Company Representations means the Company Representations (PRA) and the Company Representations (RPS).
Company Representations shall have the meaning ascribled to it in Article 5.1 hereto.
Company Representations has the meaning specified in Section 5.10.
Company Representations has the meaning set forth in Section 6.2.