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Clothing Brand means an Identification of the Manufacturer principally used in the business of manufacturing, providing, distributing and selling clothes and which is (i) not principally used for non-clothes products, (ii) not confusingly similar or identical to an identification used in another line of business, unrelated to clothes.
Clothing Brand means an Identification of the Manufacturer principally used in the business of manufacturing, providing, distributing and selling clothes and which is (i) not principally used for non-clothes products, (ii) not confusingly similar or identical to an identification used in another line of business, unrelated to clothes.For the avoidance of doubt, when referring to a “person participating in the Olympic Games” or a “participant”, these Guidelines refer to any athlete, official and any other accredited person within Olympic Games venues, sites and press areas.

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  • We note that in some cases translating the ad preference name does not make sense (e.g., the case of persons’ names: celebrities, politicians, etc.).-Disambiguation Category: For some ad preferences Facebook adds this in a separate field or in parenthesis to clarify the meaning of a particular ad preference (e.g., Violet (color); Violet: Clothing (Brand)) We have iden- tified more than 700 different disambiguation category topics (e.g., Political Ideology, Disease, Book, Website, Sport Team, etc.).

  • OcTOBER-NOVEMBER 2013 Van Heusen outlet in Parkson Departmental StorePHOTO: INDIANURBANINFRASTRUCTURE.COM US Top Clothing Brand Opens Outlet in YangonVan Heusen, US top-selling menswear brand, has opened its first outlet in Myanmar at the Parkson Departmental Store, FMI Centre in the commercial city Yangon, according to VH Myanmar Ltd.There are rapid changes taking place in Myanmar.

  • Lavasa has been an ideal location for ad & movie shoots, following are the brands which were shot at Lavasa for their TV commercial or still shoot: Skoda Rapid, Mercedes Benz, Blackberry Clothing, Brand Factory Clothing, Hero Bikes, Beat Car & Lotus Sun Cream.

  • How To Use Brand Ambassadors For Your Clothing Brand - Real Marketing Advice How To Use Brand Ambassadors For Your Clothing Brand - Real Marketing Advice by Apparel Success 1 week ago 13 minutes, 7 seconds 1,262 views Show Notes *** The Clothing , Brand , Marketing System: Design Crowd (DISCOUNT CODE ...

  • What we built is a tangible bridge to guide ourcustomers to China.Hu Huafeng:Building Chinese Clothing Brand in ItalyOWith the pursuit of enterprise’s healthy and rapid development, Hu Huafeng has set a clear strategic goal for his company, making Hengsheng one of the well-known Italian local enterprises and creating a Made-in-Italy Chinese clothing brand.

  • See, e.g., Sargent, supra note 1; Embury-Dennis, supra note 1; Abha Bhattarai & Drew Harwell, Ivanka Trump Shuts Down Her Namesake Clothing Brand, WASH.

  • Where the Identification of the Manufacturer is not a Sports Brand, such identification shall not be permitted, except for Clothing, for which the Identification of the Manufacturer may be that of a Clothing Brand.

  • A growing number of Indian naval vessels in the Burma Sea, the Straits of Malacca, and off the coast of Vietnam would have a similarly startling effect on Beijing.48Finally, the two governments are also wary of the effect of economic activity on sensitive sectors such as telecommunica- tions and transportation.

  • US Central Intelligence Agency (2015), online:<> under the headings “Burma”, “Cambodia” and “Laos”.

  • Influence of Credible Social Media Marketing on Purchase Intentions of Females of Pakistan for Clothing Brand.

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  • Clothing means all human wearing apparel suitable for general use. "Clothing" includes, but is not limited to, aprons, household and shop; athletic supporters; baby receiving blankets; bathing suits and caps; beach capes and coats; belts and suspenders; boots; coats and jackets; costumes; diapers, children and adult, including disposable diapers; earmuffs; footlets; formal wear; garters and garter belts; girdles; gloves and mittens for general use; hats and caps; hosiery; insoles for shoes; lab coats; neckties; overshoes; pantyhose; rainwear; rubber pants; sandals; scarves; shoes and shoe laces; slippers; sneakers; socks and stockings; steel-toed shoes; underwear; uniforms, athletic and nonathletic; and wedding apparel. "Clothing" does not include items purchased for use in a trade or business; clothing accessories or equipment; protective equipment; sports or recreational equipment; belt buckles sold separately; costume masks sold separately; patches and emblems sold separately; sewing equipment and supplies including, but not limited to, knitting needles, patterns, pins, scissors, sewing machines, sewing needles, tape measures, and thimbles; and sewing materials that become part of "clothing" including, but not limited to, buttons, fabric, lace, thread, yarn, and zippers.

  • Brand means the brand name set forth in the Addendum.

  • Branding means trademarks, service marks, domain names, logos, links, navigation and other indicators of origin.

  • Outer clothing means clothing that is not worn next to the skin or immediately over a garment that is being worn as underwear but ‘outer clothing’ includes hats; shoes; boots; gloves and scarves.

  • Fragrance means a substance or complex mixture of aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, and other functional components with a combined vapor pressure not in excess of 2 mm of Hg at 20oC, the sole purpose of which is to impart an odor or scent, or to counteract a malodor.

  • Skilled and trained workforce means a workforce that meets all of the following conditions:

  • Brand name means the proprietary or trade name placed upon a drug, its container, label, or wrapping at the time of packaging.

  • Product brand name means the name of the product exactly as it appears on the principal display panel of the product.

  • Brands means the Sprint PCS Brands and the Sprint Brands.

  • Banner ’ means any material upon which a sign is displayed in such a manner as to be fully legible in windless conditions, attached to one or more ropes, poles or flagstaffs projecting vertically, horizontally or at an angle, or attached to buildings or special structures, but excludes banners carried as part of a procession. A flag which is not displayed on an approved flag pole shall for the purposes of this by-law be deemed to be a banner;

  • Advertise means the publication or dissemination of an advertisement.

  • Trade Dress means the print, style, font, color, graphics, labels, packaging and other elements of trade dress (including Bottle Designs or other Container designs) that are (a) used on or in connection with Products as of the date hereof (including the Bottle Designs as of the date hereof for Corona, Negra Modelo and Modelo Especial), or (b) permitted pursuant to this Agreement after the date hereof to be used in connection with the marketing, merchandising, promotion, advertisement, licensing, distribution and sale of Products in the Territory.

  • Apps means software applications for smartphones and tablets distributed by Samsara through Google Play or through the Apple App Store.

  • Backsiphonage means the flow of water or other liquids, mixtures or substances into the potable water system from any source other than its intended source, caused by the reduction of pressure in the potable water system.

  • ALI means a feature by which the service address associated with the calling party’s listed telephone number identified by ANI as defined herein, is forwarded to the PSAP for display. Additional telephones with the same number as the calling party’s, including secondary locations and off-premise extensions will be identified with the service address of the calling party’s listed number.

  • Insignia means Insignia Financial Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • Tattooing means any method of placing ink or other pigment into or under the skin or mucosa by the aid of needles or any other instrument used to puncture the skin, resulting in permanent coloration of the skin or mucosa. This term includes all forms of cosmetic tattooing.

  • Antique firearm means a firearm or replica of a firearm not designed or redesigned for using rim fire or conventional center fire ignition with fixed ammunition and manufactured in or before 1898, including any matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap, or similar type of ignition system and also any firearm using fixed ammunition manufactured in or before 1898, for which ammunition is no longer manufactured in the United States and is not readily available in the ordinary channels of commercial trade.

  • Artist s Solvent / Thinner” means any liquid product, labeled to meet ASTM D4236 – 94 (March 1, 2005) Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards, and packaged in a container equal to or less than 34 fluid ounces, labeled to reduce the viscosity of, and or remove, art coating compositions or components.

  • Salon means any of the following:

  • Universal bilateral modification means a bilateral modification, as defined in FAR subpart 43.1, that updates or incorporates new FAR or AIDAR clauses, other terms and conditions, or special requirements, affecting all USAID awards or a class of awards, as specified in the Agency notification of such modification.

  • Allied means Allied Waste Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • Bingo means a specific game of chance played with (i) individual cards having randomly numbered

  • Restaurant means an eating establishment, including but not limited to, coffee shops, cafeterias, sandwich stands, and private and public school cafeterias, which gives or offers for sale food to the public, guests, or employees, as well as kitchens and catering facilities in which food is prepared on the premises for serving elsewhere. The term “restaurant” shall include a bar area within the restaurant.

  • Advertising means the planning, creating, or placing of advertising in newspapers, magazines,

  • Cosmetology means any one and/or combination of practices generally and usually performed by and known as the occupation of beauty culturalist, cosmeticians, cosmetologists or hairdressers or any person holding him or herself out as practicing cosmetology in or upon a place or premises. Cosmetology shall include, but otherwise not be limited to, the following: embellishing, arranging, dressing, curling, waving, cleansing, beautifying, cutting, singeing, bleaching, coloring, or similar work upon the hair of any person by any means and with hands or mechanical or electrical apparatuses, devices or appliances or by use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, creams or otherwise, massaging, cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exercising, beautifying or similar work, the scalp, face, neck, arms, hands, bust or upper part of the body, or manicuring, pedicuring or sculpting the nails of any person.